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Prasekh B

Prasekh B

Hi! I'm Prasekh, a Primary School, Years 7-10, HSC General Maths, HSC Advanced Maths, HSC Maths Extension 1 (E4), HSC Physics (89), HSC Economics (88)and HSC Commerce Tutor, and I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

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Hey I’m Prasekh, an 18 year old university student at UNSW and I would like to tutor you!

If you need help in Mathematics from Primary to High school, physics, economics, business studies or commerce, then look no more. In the HSC in 2017, I achieved an E4 in Mathematics Ext 1 and 2, a mark of 89 in Physics and an 88 in Economics from Hurlstone Agricultural High School.

I tutor because the feeling I get when someone finally understands the concepts I teach them is the best feeling. To guide someone and help them achieve their goals.


I am available around the Liverpool and Cabramatta area as well as areas near Glenfield and their libraries.

$32/h for Online sessions

$40/h for Individual sessions

$25/h/per student for group sessions

Hope to see you soon!