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Pauline C

Pauline C

Hello! I'm Pauline, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 Maths, Science, WACE English, Maths Methods, Physics, Religion & Life, and Accounting & Finance Tutor (96.5 ATAR). I've previously tutored a handful of students who ranged from year 5-6 to year 12 were I prioritised nurturing their ability to be independent leaners.

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Hi! My name is Pauline and I’m currently a Direct Pathway Master of Professional Engineering student at UWA. I’ve previously completed a Bachelor in Commerce (Finance & Engineering Science) also at UWA

I graduated WACE in 2016 and received 84% + scores throughout year 8-12 in Maths, English, Science, Religion & Life. This required consistent tweaking of how I studied and completed assessments in different subjects, especially, when I felt I wasn’t performing at my best which I understand can be frustrating. I believe this experience would be valuable in facilitating honest conversations and targeted goal setting for students

I was really passionate about my subjects, self-improvement and studying in a way that was efficient and allowed me to make the most of high school extra-curriculars like leadership, outreach, drama, sport and music I’ve previously tutored a handful of students who ranged from year 5-6 to year 12 were I prioritised nurturing their ability to be independent leaners.

I’m super friendly, flexible, collaborative, and engaging and hope to share my passion for Maths, English, Science, Religion & Life and Accounting and Finance.Read the section below for what I’m able to offer to students. I provide students with:

  • Goal setting, study planning and goal tracking
  • Stylised learning and retention style questionnaires for self-reflection and development
  • Comprehensive digital notes, video links, annotations and examples at no additional cost
  • Exam and revision practise material and study skills
  • Ongoing conversations with parents/guidance about student performance and my tutoring style
  • 7 days a week email and phone support
  • Specialised holiday programmes



  • Primary School
  • Individual: $30/hr
  • Group of 2: $20/hr/person

Year 7-10

  • Individual: $35/hr
  • Group of 2: $25/hr/person
  • Year 11-12
  • Individual: $40/hr
  • Group of 2: $30/hr/person

I offer online tutoring primarily but am also able to provide in-person tutoring but additional travel fee would apply to cover time/fuel based on km from. Crawley

Look forward to hearing any enquiries/bookings from your soon!


"She is passionate teacher, my kids gets excited with her tutoring. I highly recommend her as primary and high school tutor." - Nasrin, Parent

"Pauline has exceeded our expectations. My daughter looks forward to her sessions each week and I feel Pauline really puts effort into ensuring she gets the most out of her lessons, and that she enjoys the work she is doing. Pauline is both professional and approachable. Extremely reasonable rate for such a thorough lesson plan. Worth every dollar." - Kathy, Parent

"My child like her off course. She can make fun way to teach, she's understandable and also cooperative with kid’s parents too." - Nasrin, Parent