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Olivia D

Olivia D

Hello! I’m Olivia, a Primary School English, Maths, HSC Business Studies, Modern, Ancient and Extension History Tutor (97.05 ATAR). My goal is to pass on the knowledge I gained during my HSC, so that my students can achieve the ATAR they desire.

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Hi there and welcome to my profile!

I completed the HSC in 2o15 and received an ATAR of 97.05. I completed my HSC at Pacific Hills Christian School in Dural. I was able to receive Band 6’s in all the subjects I tutor: Modern History (87%), Ancient History (97%), Extension History (78%) and Business Studies (92%). I was placed first in my classes for all 4 of those subjects and 3rd overall in my school’s cohort.

My favourite subjects throughout the HSC were Modern History, History Extension, Ancient History. I am currently in my final year of a combined Bachelor of Arts and Laws degree at Macquarie University. I am still very passionate about the subjects I tutor and aim to make the HSC study period as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for my students. My goal is to pass on the knowledge I gained during my HSC, so that my students can achieve the ATAR they desire. I push my students to ensure they reach their full potential whilst still ensuring I can be someone they can ask any questions they might have, whether big or small, and can express any difficulties they are facing.

Thanks so much for reading and I can’t wait to get into contact with you and help you achieve your full potential!


Currently, I am only conducting online tutoring via Learnmate’s online learning platform. I live in Dural (Hills District).

I charge $45 an hour and this includes resources and 24/7 support via email if there are questions or topics that need clarifying.

I am also available for essay and practice HSC paper marking which is $25 per paper/essay.

I am flexible with my times and will do my very best to accommodate your needs.