Nico C – VCE English Literature Tutor

“I can help students achieve highly in their VCE English Literature studies in an engaging and unique way!”

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About Nico

Hey there! My name’s Nico and I’m a tutor in VCE English Literature. I have a passion for the creative and analytical aspects of the English language, with experience working in a range of relevant fields – bookstores, online music journalism and editorials. I’m confident that with these practical skills backed up by theoretical knowledge, I can help students achieve highly in their VCE studies in an engaging and unique way that makes the most of both my abilities and most importantly, the student’s own.


In 2011 I achieved an ATAR of 92.70, and a study score of 42 for English Literature. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Outside of university, I teach Instrumental Music lessons at Greensborough College, in what is essentially a one-on-one tutor program. With over a year’s experience working with students who have different skill sets, learning approaches and aspirations, I’ve learned that the key factor in those students achieving success is determining how to make the lessons fun, rewarding and worthwhile to them, individually.

Any student can succeed in their work efficiently and enjoyably, if they are provided with the right pathway for their learning – and with my tutoring, my students can.

The areas I will focus on in my tutorials are:

  • Developing a deeper and smarter understanding of the texts studied.
  • Understanding the structure of the assessment tasks, and how to best approach them to achieve success.
  • Real-world writing skills and devices that can make essays more lifelike and interesting.
  • Building skills that will stick with students throughout the year toward their VCE examinations, and into future study or work.


I live in Eltham, but spend most of my time in the CBD for study, leisure or socializing. From this central point, I am capable of tutoring students in most areas of inner or outer suburban Melbourne. I am happy to meet and tutor students at their homes or in local public libraries, from Wednesdays to Fridays.

In addition, I can offer phone and e-mail support in and outside these times at no additional cost, be it regarding anything from upcoming assessment tasks to familiarity with the studied texts.


With my experience in the area both during my VCE study and extensive experience following high school, I charge $42 per hour for academic tutoring.

In addition, if students wish to engage in additional sessions to keep refreshed with the study they are doing, I am able to offer Skype tutorials at a rate of $32 per hour.

Interested in hiring Nico to be your tutor?

Nico C – VCE English Literature Tutor