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Nate C

Nate C

Hello! I’m Nate, a Years 7 - 10, HSC Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1 & 2 and Physics Tutor (99.40 ATAR). As a tutor, I aim to inspire a genuine passion for learning, especially in mathematics and science.

  • Fill 1Physics
  • Fill 1Maths Extension 2
  • Fill 1Maths Extension 1
  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)


Hey! My name is Nate and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematical Physics (for now), at the University of Melbourne. I tutor HSC Mathematics Advanced, Extension 1 (96/100) and Extension 2 (90/100) as well as Physics (94/100). I completed my HSC in 2019 and attained an ATAR of 99.40 as an HSC All-Rounder. I fully understand how busy student life can be, participating thoroughly in my school’s music, sports and leadership programs throughout my HSC year.

As a tutor, I aim to inspire a genuine passion for learning, especially in mathematics and science. I find all too often that learning is seen as the fulfilment of curriculum requirements and the memorization of formulas without meaning. Science and mathematics are ultimately an expression of human curiosity and logical reasoning and can lead us to incredibly powerful and beautiful ideas.

I enjoy communicating an appreciation and deep, intuitive understanding of the fundamental concepts that underpin a subject. I also strive to inspire students to seek out their passions. I have found this to be an incredibly strong motivation, particularly in balancing my studies of science with my love of jazz music and composition.

As I am studying in Melbourne, I am only available to tutor online.


The hourly rates I charge for subjects are:

  • Mathematics Advanced/Other: $50
  • Mathematics Extension 1/Physics: $55
  • Mathematics Extension 2: $60

Please contact me via email regarding availability.


"He is a great bloke & extremely helpful." - Andrew, Student

"Nate’s friendly, confident, down-to-earth manner has been massively instructive and encouraging. His ability to identify and precisely address key areas and underlying issues helps not only in learning content but in understanding how to learn and how to approach complex problems. The way Nate enthusiastically communicates difficult ideas makes them easy to grasp and apply, and his consistent effort to build my long-term study habits and ‘toolbox’ for mathematics extension 2 helped me improve incredibly in all areas of my maths courses. He’s an experienced, capable and effective tutor, and I couldn’t recommend him more highly." - Daniel, Student