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About Nadia

Welcome to the profile of someone dedicated to work hard at tutoring you or your child in English for maximum results. Please stay to find out more about my services and thank you for kindly reading on.

I received a 92 score in HSC Advanced English and a 93 in Society and Culture due to my extensive knowledge of how to write convincingly and comprehensively. I want to share the skills I have acquired during my time at high school with Standard/Advanced students and SAC students in Years 9-12.

I am delighted to help my students in any way they require, including explaining difficult areas of the course, marking work, or merely providing a second perspective to clarify coursework with extra resources and information. Most importantly however, I need to stress how important it is that students are taught to interpret their syllabus and understand essay questions-response style so as to apply this to any text received.

I am a highly energetic person and communication skills are one of my strengths, so you can be assured that my students are engaged and having fun while learning. My main passion in tutoring you or your child is to facilitate students finding the aspect of a course they enjoy that makes it all worth it, so they are motivated to work hard and improve their results, rather than focusing on how boring they find it!

I am highly skilled at essay writing and editing, exam question preparation, analysing key texts and themes as well as possessing sample essays which were used to attain the high results I achieved during HSC.

I am happy to meet with students as frequently as they like, as well as answer any questions by text or email 24/7. I live in the Western Sydney area ( My location is Shalvey, Mt Druitt ) and am happy to meet up at Blacktown, St Marys or Penrith library if required. Alternatively, students can be tutored at my residence or I can tutor where it suits them.I will do my very best to ensure my services are at your disposal as quickly as possible.

My hourly rate is $50.00

My availability is Mondays after 11, Tuesdays after 1, Fridays before 6 and Sundays all day.
I also hold a valid Working with Children check and a valid provisional driving license.

All tutors of my daughter Shahana are awesome. They are really good . Shahana really likes them and is learning well. Very well presented and they always help her. Thanks

Shahana Student

Nadia so far has been an excellent tutor. She has been on time and very interested and knowledgeable in what my daughter is studying at school.

Sharon Parent

Nadia is a fantastic tutor and we would recommend her to anyone.

Kaleigh Student

She is INCREDIBLE!! I have only had one lesson with her so far but even in that one lesson she has helped me so so so so so so so much, I’m very grateful for her and her willingness to help.

Suraya Student

She is caring and dedicated to helping me achieve the best i can . She is giving me more lessons to get ready for the trials because she knows how nervous I am about the exams. My marks have improved substantially since being tutored by Nadia. I never thought i could have achieved what I have in english so far, and a lot of it is because of Nadia.

Sophia Student

Very smart very pleasant and helpful. Has helped my daughter so much for the last 2 years. She enjoys the lessons with her.

Shabnam Parent

Nadia is absolutely incredible!! She has helped my english grades sky rocket and it’s been amazing having her tutor me for the past few months!!

Suraya Student

She’s amazing!!!

Suraya Student

A very dedicated tutor who puts her own time into helping others.
She is an amazing tutor and has helped me more than I thought a tutor would.

Hannah Student

Nadia was an excellent tutor and has helped me prepare for the HSC. I feel like I will be in a better and confident position going into my exams.

Kaleigh Student

She’s super incredible, i have improved so much and i feel like i would be in such a rut without her 🙂

Suraya Student

Interested in hiring Nadia to be your tutor?

Nadia H – HSC Standard and Advanced English, and HSC Society and Culture Tutor