Molly M – Years 7 – 10 and VCE Further Maths Tutor

In tutoring, I aim to empower my students through introducing them to a variety of study methods, a wide range of materials, ideas and explanations.

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About Molly


Hey there! Thanks for taking interest in my tutoring!

I graduated in 2019 with an ATAR of 98.00 with one of my favourite subjects being Further Maths (42).

I know that a lot of students don’t enjoy maths, but I love helping students see that Further Maths doesn’t have to be a daunting or boring subject, but can actually be really satisfying and rewarding, and can be an great way to bump up their ATAR.

I try my best to fully explain concepts which teachers might race through, as a student who went from Methods to Further I know that there are gaps in teaching sometimes, as many concepts are “assumed knowledge”, as well as the fact that sometimes students just need an extra reminder of certain concepts! I have a plethora of worksheets and practice exams, and spend a lot of time working through varied workbook and exam style examples to give students a wide range of experience with different questions.



I live in the Bentleigh area, and am happy to work in Glen Eira and Bayside regions. Depending on your location I am more than happy to come to you, meet in a café or library, or Skype call to go over ideas and work.

My hourly rate is $45, including out of session email correspondence through which I’m more than happy to read and correct a few practice responces, or respond to any pressing questions.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you through VCE!

Molly went above and beyond to help my daughters ahead of their VCE SAC. They really connected with Molly and we look forward to welcoming her for the remainder of the school year to impart her Maths wisdom!

Kate Parent

Interested in hiring Molly to be your tutor?

Molly M – Years 7 – 10 and VCE Further Maths Tutor