Mitchell T – Years 7-10 English, History, HSC English (Std, Adv, Ext 1, Ext 2), HSC Modern History, HSC Ancient History and HSC History Extension Tutor

An enthusiastic tutor with 4 years of experience who is dedicated to your success!

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About Mitchell

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile.

I have been tutoring students in English and History (7-12) for the past four years throughout my university degree. I really enjoy the process of helping students achieve above and beyond what they think they are capable of. Many students do not rate their chances in English, only to be proven wrong later through concentrated effort and improvements in their confidence. I tutor students because I firmly believe that English is a subject that has a lasting impact on one’s general ability later in life. Most recently my students achieved HSC results in the high 80s and low 90s.

As a result of my experience tutoring and my degree, I can help students with their critical analysis, writing and expression in order for them to achieve their desired results. This applies across all levels of high school and has formed the bedrock of my experience as a tutor.

English was my favourite subject in the HSC and I found the course ultimately lead me into a love of reading and writing. I achieved a respectable result in Advanced English (91) and this led me into a Bachelor of Arts degree at Sydney University which I have recently completed. I majored in Government and International Relations which means I have a solid understanding of history, politics and philosophy – core elements in both the English syllabus and History syllabus.

I charge a rate of $40/hour for all students in person and $30 for online sessions (skype or similar). If need be, I’m happy to meet more than once a week leading up a student’s final exams.

My sessions include the following:

  • Initial student assessment.
  • Feedback between parents, students and myself.
  • Working on exam technique, assignment help.
  • Identifying strengths in writing styles and playing to these strengths in further sessions.
  • Following the subject syllabus and core modules as part of the lesson process
  • Imparting a sense of confidence in the student.
  • Email correspondence for marking, editing and regular feedback.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my profile. I hope I hear from you soon!

Going through my HSC is one of the biggest struggles as a young adult. However, with the help of Mitchell as a tutor I have been able to strive to achieve my best. Not only does Mitchell have the knowledge of the syllabus to tutor effectively, but he was able to explain everything clearly in a motivational manner. For me, Advanced English and Extension one English are extremely hard subjects and the deciding factor of an ATAR mark. I have not seen many teachers convey it with so much passion to give their students so much confidence.

Judith Past Student

Mitchell has guided me through the HSC and is helping me reach my potential. By suggesting ideas, teaching me how to approach unfamiliar content and organising my time, I have found tasks less stresful and more manageable. His knowledge, advice and skills as a tutor exceeded expectations and I would recommend him to anyone undertaking the HSC or struggling with assignments.

Alyssa Past Student

Mitchell has been a great help in my HSC. By deconstructing the assessments and encouraging me, I have improved my English marks. Mitchell is organised and conscientous and always supports in whatever way possible.

Maggie Past Student

Interested in hiring Mitchell to be your tutor?

Mitchell T – Years 7-10 English, HSC Standard, Advanced, Ext 1, Ext 2. Ancient, Modern, Ext History Tutor