Misha K – VCE Legal Studies and VCE Psychology Tutor

We will work together to help boost your marks and make VCE a rewarding year for you!

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About Misha


Hey, I’m Misha! I graduated in 2018 from Glen Waverley Secondary College with an ATAR of 98.55. I hope to study Law/Arts at Monash University next year! Tutoring with me will be both easy to understand and enjoyable, where we will use many different revision tools to ensure you fully understand the concepts!


I am offering tutoring in VCE English [46 study score and 100% SAC average], VCE Legal Studies[45 study score], VCE Global Politics [45 study score] and VCE Psychology [44 study score]. The texts I can tutor for VCE English are Rear Window and The Crucible/ Year of Wonders, as well as general tutoring for Section C.

I am also offering tutoring for Years 7-10 English.

How I can help

In all the above subjects, I can offer a tailored tutoring experience, targeting your specific weaknesses and consolidating your strengths. Having just finished VCE in 2018, I know the current study design in detail and will ensure we cover every dot point together. I have a comprehensive set notes for each subject that I will be able to share with you, as well as relevant case studies and examples for Legal Studies and Global Politics that go beyond the stock-standard examples that most schools will teach. I will place emphasis on active learning as I have found this to be the best approach to remembering and applying content, which I believe was the key to my success. This means we will go through countless practice questions and exams, ensuring that you truly understand the content and are not just merely memorising.

I will be available to contact 7 days a week, thus seeking to be more than a tutor, but also a mentor to help you balance the hectic nature of VCE with other commitments. I will happily look through practice questions/exams/essays and provide detailed feedback so you can improve. We will work together to help boost your marks and make VCE a rewarding year for you!


Availability and Location

I am available from 9am-4pm, 7 days a week.

I can meet up in the south-eastern suburbs, namely the Glen Waverley, Mulgrave, Wheeler’s Hill areas. I am willing to travel further for extra costs. I am also happy to do online tutoring if that suits you better!


I charge $35 per hour for one-on-one sessions and $30 per hour for group sessions [2 or more]. I am flexible with the duration of sessions, and would be happy to do longer 2-hour sessions if you prefer! I am offering the first session free so you can get a feel for my tutoring style and see if it suits you, I want you to be successful and I understand how important it is to find the right tutor!

My daughter is very happy with the way Misha interacts with her and also the tips she has given. Hope she continues to build a good rapport with Misha.

Deepa Parent

Interested in hiring Misha to be your tutor?

Misha K – VCE Legal Studies and VCE Psychology Tutor