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Michelle N

Michelle N

Hi! I'm Michelle, a Primary School - Year 9 English and Maths, VCE Legal Studies units 3&4 (50), and scholarship practice Tutor. I can provide excellent study techniques and tips to achieve academic excellence.

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Hi, my name is Michelle.

I am 16 years old, currently attending Balwyn High School in the Year 11 SEAL (select entry accelerated learning program). I love to teach Legal Studies Unit 3&4 (VCE) which I have received a raw study score of 50 in (top 0.3% of Victoria). It is my favourite subject of which I would love to help your child achieve excellence in. I also specialise in maths, spelling and grammar and can provide excellent study techniques and tips to achieve academic excellence within year levels up to Year 10. Furthermore, I have experience in and can help students aiming to receive an academic scholarship into high schools.

I also participate in many extra-curricular activities such as Australian All Star Cheerleading and Dance Federation cheerleading, piano grade 7, cello grade 4 and two orchestras. My passions include volleyball, cheerleading, playing musical instruments, meeting new people and helping others!

For me, tutoring is about helping and developing a strong foundation for students’ learning. Not only learning information is important, but learning how to learn is key. I love to teach and can provide a safe, encouraging, engaging and healthy learning environment for your child.

I have had many private tutors over the past 8 years, and personally can guarantee it has helped me academically greatly. Tutoring has made me feel more confident in my school work and has given me a strong and distinct advantage to stand out in class.

As a relatively young tutor, I can easily relate to students’ problems, and provide overall advice about education and schooling. This is also beneficial to the student as I can provide a friendly student atmosphere.

I hope you consider me as a good choice for your child’s tutor!

Michelle :)



I prefer to tutor at my home in Balwyn North or the Balwyn library, but I can also travel to close suburbs around Balwyn North such as Kew, Balwyn, Doncaster and Bulleen.

I am also comfortable to do in-person and online tutoring.

I am currently available on the following times:

  • Sunday 9am-6pm
  • Saturday 2pm-6:30pm
  • Monday 4pm-6:30pm
  • Wednesday 5pm-6pm
  • Friday 4:15pm-6:30pm

*Times vary depending on the location

Cost is $40/hour, (price varies depending on location)


"Very passionate, responsible young tutor, my daughter is always happy to go to the lessons, highly recommended!" - Jack, Parent

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