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Michael W

Michael W

Hello there, I am Michael, a VCE Physics and VCE Maths and Year 7 - 11 Math Tutor (90+ ATAR), and with my years of experience I can give you the best chance to achieve academic success this year!

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Hello there. My name is Michael and I am not a recent high school graduate. I completed year 12 in 2009. Since then I:

1) Took a gap year where I did volunteer work on the Mullum Mullum Creek.

2) Worked all sorts of jobs in areas like retail, hospitality, gardening, warehousing, roadside assistance, and administration.

3) Completed a Bachelor of Science degree (La Trobe University) majoring in Physics.

4) Moved out, travelled overseas, played indoor soccer, and joined my local Toastmasters.

Currently, I’m studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn doing a double degree in Engineering (Robotics and Mechatronics) and Computer Science (Software Development), and I would love to tutor in physics and mathematics for all year levels (7 to 12).

That being said, there is probably one thing you really want to know: why should I be your tutor?

It took me awhile, but over the years I learnt about what it takes to be motivated and stay motivated in order to succeed. I understand, and will tell you upfront, that there is no getting around hard work, but that doesn’t mean studying has to be a chore.

I am certain what I’ve learnt can assist students greatly in learning physics and mathematics, and that they will not only see their results go right up, but begin to develop a positive attitude that will help them succeed in their VCE.

With me as your tutor, it’s not just about the high scores; I also consider myself highly competent in the physics and mathematics fields. I will not only teach students these subjects in order to get higher grades, I will instil in them an actual understanding of the concepts, which will only reinforce their success.

The proof? I will admit I was not the best student in the past, and my marks were rather average and forgettable. Now I have a GPA of 6.7 and continue to succeed in the goals I set myself, even outside of university. I am not an ATAR success story; what I have is a lot of life experience, learning the hard way what it takes to get somewhere. If I can pass this knowledge on, I know it will dramatically affect the way students will conduct themselves towards their studies and success, both now and into the future.


I am currently available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If any other day is more desirable, I can try to accommodate if possible.

My rates are $55/hr including travel fee for non-local travel. If students would like to discuss work or upcoming assignments in-between sessions, I would be more than happy to.

I currently tutor in person across the Eastern Suburbs and I am also available as an online tutor.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to making your year a success.


"Michael replied promptly to my emails and paid close attention to the details, answering all my questions." - Jackie, Parent

"I was impressed with Michael’s abilities in all of our pre-tutorial email conversations and we were all even more impressed after meeting him in person. Joshua was extremely positive about the session. Michael’s work ethic is very professional and diligent. We are very happy and look forward to all his help this year." - Jackie, Parent

"Michael is conscientious and reliable. He is making a difference in our son’s learning and attitude to Year 12." - Jackie, Parent

"We highly recommend Michael for his professional dedication, care, punctuality and excellence while tutoring our son in Year 12 Physics. Michael consistently gave over and above of his time. Thank you, Michael!" - Jackie, Parent