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Mialeah B

Mialeah B

Hi, I’m Mialeah, a friendly and motivational Years 7-10 Maths (36) Tutor, and I'm here to help you achieve the best results possible.

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Hi! Thank you for considering me as a Maths and Advanced Maths tutor for Years 7-10.

I finished my VCE in 2012 and I still remember the passion I had for Maths. There were difficult times and bumps along the way, but it was worth it to work my best and prove I could achieve. In the end I received a subject score of 36 for Math Methods and a 34.4 in Physics.

I’ve gone around a couple of courses: a double degree of Product Design and Engineering at Swinburne, a certificate of TV Production at RMIT, and now I am completing a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing at Swinburne. I also do a little gaming, music and dance on the side. Since starting my last course though, I have been missing Maths so much that I’ve gotten into the habit of completing practice Maths exam problems in my spare time!

Maths is a language that bridges all other languages, and I love its patterns and applications to everything in life. I am passionate about encouraging this enjoyment of Maths in others. I know first hand that Maths isn’t fun when it seems so hard to understand, but I believe with support and practise, anyone can recognise its patterns and do it, and the sense of achievement and confidence when everything just clicks is definitely worth it. All it takes is persistence, and a patient guide.

Tutoring Approach

I’m pretty friendly and enthusiastic as a tutor, and building a positive and supportive tutor-student relationship is important to me, as I’ve found a lot of hurdles encountered in the subject come back to self-confidence.

My approach to structuring lessons is to first recognise areas of needed improvement, find their basics and build from there. The principal areas I can target are Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical Analysis and Statistics Probability (as well as a strong foundation), all relevant to the student’s targeted level of study.

Each student is different, and I do my best to cater techniques to suit different learning styles. I also plan the lessons to follow up best with the school’s curriculum and textbooks, and can provide resources to complement the textbooks so that the student will confidently succeed in class and maybe put their hand up to answer everything.

My main goal is to pass on a bit of the passion I have for maths to my students that will hopefully last them into their future studies.


I currently am available all days of the week except for Monday morning, Wednesday morning, and Tuesday, and I will do my utmost to find a time that suits you best. My email is also available 24/7 for any extra questions, worksheets you’d like me to check, or anything else.

Currently offering online tutoring only.

I only charge $32 per hour for private tutoring for Years 7 – 10, and only $25 per hour per person for group tutoring (up to three in a group). The first half hour of the initial session is of no charge. I have a valid driver’s license and a valid working with children check.

Should you have any enquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone! And thanks again for having a read through my profile. I look forward to meeting you and getting you started on the path to achieving your academic #goals!