Mia B – Year 10, HSC Advanced English, HSC Standard English, HSC Modern History, HSC Ancient History and HSC Society and Culture Tutor

Start the last leg of High School off right with a passionate HSC All Rounder tutor!

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About Mia

Well, hello there! Welcome and thank you for visiting my profile!

I loved my studies and thoroughly enjoyed my last year of High School by engaging in smart studying habits.

I happily achieved a 96.70 ATAR.

The results for my subjects were: Advanced English 90/100, Modern History, 91/100, Ancient History 91/100, Society and Culture 93/100 and (accelerated) Aboriginal Studies 95/100. I was also an All Rounder student for 2017!

About me

I am extremely passionate and interested in the humanities, as my chosen HSC courses have shown. These subjects are the most enjoyable areas of study because of their applicability to students’ lives. They require a sophisticated conceptual understanding, which means having a high level of understanding about the world we live in (which is what makes these areas so engaging!).

I found such a passion and interest in the subjects I studied that I have pursued the same area at the University of New South Wales where I study a Bachelor of Social Research and Policy and anticipate an Honours year in the coming years.

As a tutor, I hope to engage students with their curriculum and become passionate about their studies. I will not only educate on good study practice but assist students struggling with concepts to not merely shy away from them, but to challenge themselves and gain the confidence necessary for succeeding in their HSC exams.

Having recently graduated (2017) I am familiar with the pressures of the HSC year but also understand what is required in order to achieve the student’s desired goal.

I am a clear communicator and love to educate on a balanced approach. I believe it is important to keep the learning environment fresh with different means of sharing ideas, which is why I will implement a strong discussion basis as well as assist students in their writing abilities.

English and History involve a significant amount of writing, which students often find daunting. I will demonstrate to students the tips and skills for sophisticated essay writing as well as the smart ways to study for essay-based exams.

Costs, Availability and Location

I charge $50 per hour but also encourage students to email me work during the week for extra assistance.

I am available: Thursday all day, Friday afternoons and Saturday & Sunday all day.

I provide tutoring for students in the Northern suburbs of Sydney.

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out my profile! I hope to be able to share with you the joys of the humanities with passionate discussion, skillful writing practice and tips for thorough study practice. I would also love to share with you examples of HSC essays I have previously written.

I believe learning should be fun and should not be overshadowed by the pressures of the HSC. Together, we can achieve both high results and enjoy the subjects you have chosen!

Interested in hiring Mia to be your tutor?

Mia B – Year 10, HSC Advanced English, HSC Standard English, HSC Modern History, HSC Ancient History and HSC Society and Culture Tutor