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Maya P

Maya P

Hi! I'm Maya, a Primary School Maths, Years 7 - 10: Maths, Science, HSC Maths (Advanced/Extension 1), Chemistry, Legal Studies, Society & Culture and Studies of Religion 1 Tutor (97.45). I truely believe that high scores can be achieved by anyone with the correct guidance and resources to ensure that hard work is being applied in the right way!

  • Fill 1Studies of Religion (1 and 2)
  • Fill 1Society and Culture
  • Fill 1Legal Studies
  • Fill 1Chemistry
  • Fill 1Maths Extension 1
  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)
  • Fill 1Science
  • Fill 1Maths


Hi!! thank you for looking at my profile.

My name is Maya Pearson and I am a studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. I graduated from high school (HSC) in 2019, completing my mathematics advanced HSC in 2018 and the rest of my subjects in 2019. I obtained an ATAR of 97.45. I enjoyed every one of my subjects and I am very passionate about each one, even taking 13 units in year 12 as I could not find a reason to drop one or two subjects!

I truely believe that high scores can be achieved by anyone with the correct guidance and resources to ensure that hard work is being applied in the right way! Working smarter not harder. :)

I can tutor the following subjects, and I have written by achieved grades too:

Primary school

  • Mathematics

Years 7-10

  • Mathematics
  • Science

HSC (year 11-12)

  • Mathematics Advanced (2 unit) – 93 (band 6) 2018 HSC
  • Mathematics Extension 1 (3 unit) – 95 (E4)
  • Chemistry – 90 (band 6)
  • Legal Studies – 92 (band 6)
  • Society and Culture – 94 (band 6)
  • Studies of Religion 1 – 45/50 (band 6)

I also studied Mathematics Extension 2 (88) and English Advanced (86) however I do not currently provide tutoring for these subjects I conduct online tutoring for the above subjects, aiming to ensure students are confident in and understand the requirements of the course they’re undertaking. I aim to provide each student with the support and resources they need to achieve their personal best in each subject, making sure i cater to the students specific needs for the subject.

My recent experience with the HSC allows me to mentor them through sharing my experience, knowledge, notes, tips and study techniques as well as provide practice materials and exam questions with no additional cost!

Additionally, I am available to provide phone and email support throughout the week.

I can work around a schedule that is suitable for both the student and myself.

I hope to work with you soon!! :)


Online tutoring via Learnmate’s online learning platform.

Primary school – $40 per hour

Years 7-10 – $45 per hour

Year 11-12 – $50 per hour


"Maya has been very helpful in assisting me with legal studies during my HSC. She is a friendly, patient and resourceful tutor who consistently strives to help me improve. Additionally, she is great with flexibility of sessions. My results in legal studies has significantly risen since receiving Maya’s help. 100% recommend!" - Lily, Student

"Maya is great! She always gets essays back to me super quickly with detailed feedback and extra information. Would definitely recommend!" - Adana, Student

"Maya is very supportive with everything I need to know for hsc Legal studies. She is very flexible with the lessons and very friendly. Maya is also great helping out with assessments and giving me very detailed feedback in a short period of time." - Dhara ,Student