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Maximilian P

Maximilian P

Hi! I'm Maximilian, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, HSC Standard, Advanced and Maths Extension 1 Tutor (93 ATAR). I have had experience with mentoring and helping high school students at all levels in Maths.

  • Fill 1Maths Extension 1
  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)
  • Fill 1Standard Maths
  • Fill 1Maths


Hi, I’m Max, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) at the University of Sydney with a major in Mathematics. In preparation for Medical School.

Services: Year 7-12 Mathematics (Up to Extension 1 level)

I am highly proficient at Maths, achieving top-end grades for Mathematics Extension 1 and Extension 2 at the high school level. While also currently studying several high-level Mathematics Courses at the University of Sydney, as part of a major in Maths. I have had experience with mentoring and helping high school students at all levels in Maths. Furthermore, I have a great passion for Mathematics and am interested in it’s application to real-world problems.

I also tutor in year 7-10 Science, being experienced with physics in high school and currently studying Chemistry and Biology at university.

What do I offer?

I am a dedicated and attentive tutor, who has a strong familiarity with the current content and objectives. I offer a range of services during tutoring periods.

  • Working through and explaining practice problems with the student.
  • Exam Preparation and Review
  • Explanation of Theory

If any extracurricular work or advice is needed, I am happy to help and provide any resources.

HSC Performance:

  • Physics-91
  • Maths Extension 1-90 (Scales to 99 Atar Equivalent)
  • Maths Extension 2-81 (Scales to 98 Atar Equivalent)
  • English Advanced -84

Feel free to contact me for any further information.


I am located in Bondi Junction, I am available primarily Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other days are potentially available, however, availability is limited. My hourly rate is $50. Furthermore, I can do it in person and online.