Matthew S – Years 7-10, VCE Maths Methods, VCE Specialist Maths and VCE Further Maths Tutor

Be your best with a friendly and motivated tutor who attained a raw 48 study score in Maths Methods.

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About Matthew

Hey there! And thank you for stumbling upon my profile.

My name is Matthew, and I’m a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from The University of Melbourne, whom achieved a 95.95 ATAR in 2016 and a WAM in my undergraduate of 73.75. I am keen to pass on my mathematics knowledge and strengthen the skills of my students through a patient but effective learning style that I have been developing over my tutoring career.

I can teach mathematics to any level of education up to year 12 (Unit 3 & 4)

I have an immense passion for mathematics, and have taken at least one mathematics faculty subject for each semester in my university ventures, although my degree is in Commerce. I believe that this passion can inspire passion or motivation in my students, to achieve their best in mathematics-related subjects.

Having completed my VCE studies in 2016, I can empathise with those finding their prescribed text-books repetitive and disengaging. With most questions in a given topic being the same, but with different numbers to input into your calculator. I aspire to squelch these negative associations with mathematics by bringing more engaging and practical applications of techniques learnt throughout your studies.

I am familiar with all currently studied fields in VCE mathematics, including but not limited to:

– Graphs and Transformations
– Algebra
– Calculus
– Probability and Statistics
– Series and Sequences
– Geometry and Trigonometry
– Complex Numbers
– Vectors
– Mechanics

My services also include a 7 days a week contact availability via email or phone to answer any questions or provide brief analysis on some more complex ideas. I will also make my personal files of practice exams and questions, as well as my notes available to any students.

Location and Availability:
I am currently living in Camberwell, and am able to run the sessions at a local or agreed upon library or public place, or I can come to you. I am available 7 days a week; please refer to my availability times to see what works best for you. If none of the listed times work for you, I will do my utmost to accommodate a different time for you. I do also hold a valid Working with Children’s check. I also offer online tutoring if that is preferable.

To get my services, it will only cost $50 an hour or $30 per person per hour for groups of between 2 and 4 people. Don’t delay! Start achieving your best today!

Interested in hiring Matthew to be your tutor?

Matthew S – Years 7-10, VCE Maths Methods, VCE Specialist Maths and VCE Further Maths Tutor