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About Luke


Hi! Thanks for taking the time to consider me as your tutor!

In 2015 I graduated as DUX from Brunswick Secondary College with an ATAR of 98.45 having attained study scores of 49, 47 and 44 in my favourite subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematical Methods respectively. It is my wish and highest priority to pass on my extensive knowledge of all concepts covered within these subjects to you in a fun, friendly and of course studious environment!

In addition, my passion for science as a whole but physics specifically, is undying as I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Physics) at RMIT having made it into its Dean Scholar’s program. As a result of this passion I believe that I am a very energetic tutor who will dedicate myself in helping you achieve your best!

Tutoring Approach

I’m an enthusiastic and confident person who will focus on inspiring you to develop a real connection with the course material. For all three of the subjects which I tutor I know that memorisation simply isn’t enough and I will ensure that your conceptual understandings will be thorough and advanced; allowing you to answer even the hardest application style questions. This is especially important when considering that all that separates a 40 and a 50 study score is a handful of never before seen application style questions.

For Physics, Chemistry and Methods the highest ranked students consistently require sound problem solving skills along with an ability to think outside the box. By having discussions with students about advanced concepts which are often absent from the textbooks, I will attempt to foster the growth of these crucial skills. Perhaps more importantly however I will ensure that you develop a confidence and a passion within the subject through a process of the aforementioned discussions and guidance so that you will not need me by your side when you are writing full mark answers in your exams!

Tutoring Services

If you decide to choose me as your tutor you will gain access to my extensive knowledge of all elements of my three subjects from the curriculum to SACs and examinations. On top of this you will gain access to my comprehensive notes which were what allowed me to achieve my best! I also provide free phone and email support seven days a week to ensure that any issues you may be having are resolved as soon as possible. It is my utmost wish to see you rise above the state in all of Physics, Chemistry and Methods and I will accordingly devote myself and do my very best in an effort to see this happen.

Location, Availability and Costs

I live in West Brunswick so you’re welcome to come to me or I can come to you-whichever suits! I am available primarily in afternoons and on weekends. I will do everything I can to accommodate you into my schedule.

I only charge $40 per hour along with offering a group tutoring session for just $20 per student.

I hold a valid Working With Children’s Check and I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss what we can do to ensure that you leave year twelve with a smile on your face!

Thanks again for your time.

He explains concepts really well, gives good feedback on how to answer a question and he provides very helpful notes.

Ayan Past Student

Interested in hiring Luke to be your tutor?

Luke J – VCE Chemistry, Physics & VCE Maths Methods Tutor