Lucas C – VCE Legal Studies Tutor

I believe that structure, confidence and vision towards individual goals is the key to success!

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About Lucas

About Me & Qualifications

Hey! I’m Lucas and I graduated from Camberwell Grammar School in 2015 with a study score of [46] in Legal Studies. In addition, I achieved the school subject prize in Commerce (Legal Studies and Economics).

At the moment, I am undertaking a double degree in Commerce/Law at Monash University. Currently, I am offering tutoring in Legal Studies for Units 3/4 and happy to help out with Units 1/2. My university studies heavily complements the content that I tutor, showing that I am extremely passionate about what I teach. I would love to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to future VCE students in order to assist them to realise their full potential in these subjects.

I believe that structure, confidence and vision towards individual goals is the key to success. As a tutor, I aim for my students not only to achieve great results, but also to provide transparency and honesty so as to give my students the ability to challenge and question ideas, as well as to think independently and critically that give them the upper hand.

Legal Studies

I can offer:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all key areas of study in Legal Studies.
  • Extensive out-of-class help and enquiries
  • Personal, relevant and concise SAC/Exam Notes per lesson (structured using VCAA study design for maximum understandability)
  • SAC and Exam Preparation
  • Assistance with coursework
  • Study techniques and revision strategies

Tutoring Approach

While students may have been told that studying a certain amount of hours per day or learning a certain amount of content will get you the grades you want, students often lack critical knowledge that is tested in SACs and overall, the final exam. There is no quantifiable or absolute “correct” method to learning and mastering content.  My philosophy for successful and effective learning is confidence and structure. Knowing “what to study” is contingent upon an overarching plan and broadening the scope to the extent of the students’ capability while simultaneously filtering that plan down to identify specific weaknesses and knowledge gaps.

As such, I tailor my sessions to best suit your individual needs and learning style in order to help you gain the advantage and confidence needed throughout your VCE experience. You will have access to my personal as well as comprehensive SAC / exam notes. In addition, I am happy to provide out-of-class contact via e-mail, Facebook or other communicational means.

I’m excited to be able to both teach the most effective methods of learning Legal Studies supplemented by my recent experience in recently going through the VCE.

Location, Availability and Costs

I can either primarily tutor at my home in Malvern, at the convenience of your own home or at any public libraries nearby/in between you and me (depending on location). Location can be negotiated based upon your personal circumstances and a travel fee (only $5 – $10) may apply in longer distance situations.

I am currently available all weekday evenings as well as weekends and will strive to give you a time that best suits you.

My rates are only $40 per hour for private tutoring and only $30 per hour for group tutoring (2 or more).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions! If you would like to organise a session with me, please contact LearnMate and I will be in touch shortly. Thank you so much for your time and I am looking forward to working with you in 2017 to achieve the best results you can!

Interested in hiring Lucas to be your tutor?

Lucas C – VCE Legal Studies Tutor