Linda H – Years 7 – 12 Maths, SACE Specialist Maths & SACE Maths Methods Tutor

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About Linda

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  • Year 12 Specialist Mathematics 19.2
  • Year 12 Mathematical Studies [now known as Mathematical Methods] 19.6
  • Year 7 to year 11 any Mathematics

About me

I am an undergraduate student studying secondary education with teaching areas Mathematics and Physics. I completed Year 12 in 2015, with an ATAR of 98.15. I have been tutoring since completion and am familiar with the current curriculum.

My number one priority is to pass on my knowledge and help you overcome your greatest challenges and achieve your goals. Not only will I teach you to solve the questions required for the exam but I will help you grasp the conceptual understanding needed to obtain a deeper comprehension of the topic.

My aim is to get you to LOVE maths through fun, engaging and informative sessions. I will provide free access to my SACE Year 12 notes as well as knowledge summary checklists. I also offer email and phone support to all of you so that I can answer your questions at any time.

Location and Fee

I offer sessions in the Flinders main Campus on Saturday afternoons and University of Adelaide (city) on Wednesday afternoons. Other times are also negotiable, so if these times or locations do not suit you, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your preference.

I am only charging $40 per hour for Year 12 and $35 for other year levels, with the initial hour free for the purpose of getting to know you and how you learn.

Linda has been my tutor for over 6 month now and I have seen amazing results in my Maths! I got my first ever A+ and I could not have done it without her! Linda is very kind, understanding and has a great tutoring ethic! I 100% recommend her to anyone on the LearnMate platform! Thank you!

Marissa Student

Interested in hiring Linda to be your tutor?

Linda H – Years 7 – 12 Maths, SACE Specialist Maths & SACE Maths Methods Tutor