Lara N – Years 7-12, WACE English, Modern History, and Politics and Law

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About Lara

Hello everyone. My name is Lara and I’m a recent WACE graduate (2016) who achieved an ATAR of 96.1. I am currently in my 2nd year at the University of Western Australia studying my two passions, Law and Political Science.

I know from personal experience that school, studying and every in between can be daunting and difficult without the correct guidance and support. As a tutor, it’s my duty and commitment to ensure every student has the correct skills and confidence to tackle whatever comes their way and receive their best possible result!

About me

I graduated from Penrhos College in 2016 and received high scores across all of my subjects. I achieved 84% for English and 80% for Modern History and Politics & Law.

It is my top priority as a tutor to ensure students are given an energetic, comfortable yet studious environment in which they have the confidence to tackle any study issues head-on.  My success in these subjects demonstrates my ability to, not only grasp and analysis important concepts, but also my understanding of the WACE outline and what they require of students. also provide students with resources, including my own notes for these units, as well as online material to aid in their study journey.

A lot of students have also expressed to me that their lack of drive to study and understand the unit comes from disengaging material and teaching methods. As a tutor, it’s my aim to ignite a student’s passion and to employ captivating teaching methods to engage them in every step!

Location, Availability & Costs

I live South of River, so I am able to travel to you anywhere South of River. Meet at any local library or come to me – whichever most suits your needs. I’m currently available 7 per week and will always do my best to accommodate whatever time fits your schedule.

I charge $40 an hour and $70 for two hours. However, I also heavily encourage students to send me to work between sessions if further assistance or clarification is needed.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile and please do not hesitate to contact get if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Interested in hiring Lara to be your tutor?

Lara N – Years 7-12, WACE English, Modern History, and Politics and Law