Lara D – WACE Literature, Psychology, & WACE Politics and Law Tutor

“Struggling with WACE? Get ahead now by mastering essential skills and course material so that you can complete WACE with confidence!”

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About Lara

Hey guys! Thanks for viewing my profile! I’m Lara, and I just completed WACE in 2016 with an ATAR score of 99.5

As a tutor, my top priority is to help current students get through WACE and achieve their academic and learning goals

I achieved consistently high results across all my subjects. My overall combined scores (school mark and WACE exam results) were as followed: 80.5/100 in Literature, 83.9/100 in Modern History, 86.9/100 in Psychology and 86.6/100 in Politics and Law. I was also the school Dux for these subjects (Units 1 and 2 in Year 11 and 12). However, at this point I have decided to only tutor in Literature, Psychology and Politics and Law.

My high results in WACE reflect both my depth of understanding and passion for these subjects. I really want to ensure that students fully comprehend the material and master the necessary skills, so that they too can show their superior understanding of the course. The students’ specific needs, talents and unique ways of learning are also considered which makes the experience more engaging!

I am particularly interested in the field of Psychology and always keep up to date with the latest research (I also received a certificate of excellence for ATAR Psychology). In addition, I am currently at University studying and a Bachelor of Law and Global Politics and Policy, so students will have also an edge in ATAR Politics and Law! I know WACE can be a challenging time, so more than anything, I want to instil confidence and enthusiasm by making learning both fun and effective for students.


To see my tutoring availability, please check my profile as my schedule changes depending on University semester timetables.

I live near Murdoch University so students may have their lesson in the University library, or any other library (e.g. WA State Library). I am also happy to come to them if needed (please note an additional fee may apply for travel).

I am more than happy for students to contact me anytime outside of lessons if they need additional support or have any questions (via email or over the phone is fine).

I will also include full access to my notes and past assessments where possible.

Interested in hiring Lara to be your tutor?

Lara D – WACE Literature, Psychology, & WACE Politics and Law Tutor