Kevin X- Years 7 – 12, HSC English, Maths, Business Studies, Ext 1 and Ext 2 Mathematics Tutor

“Work smarter, not harder!”

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About Kevin

Hi! My name is Kevin. I completed my HSC in 2016 at Sydney Technical High School, graduating with an ATAR of 95.00. I am currently studying civil engineering / surveying at UNSW Australia. I am willing to tutor you in any of the subjects I undertook both in person and/or online, where I obtained the following HSC marks:

Advanced English- 89

3U Mathematics- 93

4U Mathematics- 91

Business Studies- 89


Having recently completed the HSC, I understand the reasons underlying the immense stress and lack of understanding that many students face in their final year. Going through high school seeing many of my peer’s struggle and perhaps succumb to these problems, I excel in identifying any difficulties my students may be facing, whether academically or else-wise. To do well in the HSC means to unpack the subject’s syllabus and understand what it wants, and further developing a strong ability to communicate this understanding through every given question.

I am happy to help with any homework/assignments or exam preparations you may be working on. Having to help my brother with his current HSC, I also have a strong grasp of the current HSC syllabus and understand the most concise way to answer questions whilst achieving maximum marks. I also firmly uphold the need to deliver learning in an exciting and self-promoting way that is unique to each individual, and have personally experienced not only the joy of doing well in exams, but the benefits of applying your understanding in the real world.

With the right approach to learning from both students and mentors, HSC can be the most enjoyable and rewarding year of high school.


I live near Maroubra Junction and would prefer to tutor at any local libraries. I can also travel to you if that is more convenient but please note the $5 surcharge for longer distances. I can travel 7KM from Maroubra.


Lessons are only charged at $40/hour for 1 on 1 or $25/hour per student for group lessons.


I am currently available on:

Monday- Before 2pm or after 6pm

Tuesday- After 4pm

Wednesday- After 1pm

Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday- All day

*Please contact to confirm as availability may change

I look forward to helping you succeed in your studies!

Interested in hiring Kevin to be your tutor?

Kevin X – HSC English, Maths, Business Studies, Maths Extension 1 & 2 Tutor