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My goal is to guide you to know exactly what you need to know and feel absolutely confident in yourself.

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About Kelly


Hey!! 🤩 I’m Kelly and I graduated with an ATAR of 99.80 last year, and I‘m currently studying Medicine at Monash.
With 600+ hours of tutoring up my sleeve, and 85% of my 2019 students attaining a 40+ study score, I’m very excited to be offering 2020 tutorials for Unit 3/4 Biology (one of my favourite subjects!). I attained a 47 in Biology and received a Distinction in Biology in Year 12.
You don’t need to be ‘naturally gifted’, you just need to know how to get the marks! I know that in order to excel at any subject, understanding is a prerequisite. A thorough understanding of key concepts will make you more eager to learn, more adaptable to difficult questions, and less likely to forget throughout the year.
By the end of the year, you will be able to look at any question and know how the marks are distributed between key words, calculations and explanations.
To help you out, our structured lessons will be heavily study-design focused, which is crucial because sometimes it’s necessary to deviate from the study design, but other times that’s a waste of time. My goal is to guide you to know exactly what you need to know (sometimes a little more) and that you feel absolutely confident in yourself. Lessons will be supplemented by TONNES of topic tests, real past SACs, and up-to-date exams, and around the clock availability to answer questions during the week. I will organise your sac revision to ensure you do not need to cram, and ultimately feel confident and adequately prepared walking into sacs and exams.

What I can offer:
✅ Comprehensive notes with every lesson, an invaluable resource when it comes to SACs and exams.
✅ Always available on messenger/text to answer any questions you have while studying.
✅ Enough homework/resources to keep you very busy during the week
✅ SAC/Exam level questions every lesson
✅ Exam and SAC revision planned out for you!

Whether you’re aiming for a pass or the elusive 45+, please don’t hesitate to contact me for my rates. I tutor primarily from my house in Vermont South (or Deakin University on select days). I am nearly booked out already with only a handful more spaces available for 2020 students, so get in quick! 🥳
Testimonials from 2019 students:

– “Kelly has been an extremely helpful tutor this past year and was one of the main reasons i was able to understand all the content thoroughly and be ready for all my sacs and exams. She is extremely organised, providing me with sufficient practice exam questions to do at the very end of each tutor session and also to take home – making sure I wasn’t too overwhelmed with the amount of work but also making sure I always had some bio to do. She also sent a whole biology study plan which led me through the whole term leading up to the exam and occasionally checked up on me to see how I was doing. Whenever I had a question, no matter if it was late at night or during school time, she would promptly reply me with the most concise and clear responses. It is without a doubt that Kelly is one of the best and most knowledgeable tutors out there – definitely recommend 110%!!!!” – S.Z.

– “Kelly is an incredible biology tutor. She is not only very knowledgeable about the subject but also able to teach it in a manner that is very easy to understand. She was always able to answer any questions that I had, and really make sure that I have understood the topic. During lessons, she also provided high quality notes and heaps of resources which were extremely useful. I highly recommend Kelly as a biology tutor. She literally saved my biology study score!” – Michelle

– “Very knowledgeable and can answer any questions”

– “Kelly was so caring and patient with any questions that I had, and always made me feel comfortable to ask questions even stupid ones, and even if I forgot something many times she would try her best to explain it in different ways with really creative analogies until I fully understood. She is extremely organised and was very inspiring to me throughout the year, and I really felt that she cared about me achieving my VCE goals as a whole, not just teaching me biology. She would always give me any resources or advice she had for another subject, outside of lesson time, and I could always talk to her when I felt stressed, unsure of myself, or upset after a SAC. Besides being an amazing tutor, she was such invaluable emotional support and I really valued her dedication and organisation throughout the year, such as organising SAC and exam revision plans throughout the year and making sure I always had 3-4 exams to complete each week since a few months before the exam. I felt very prepared and I would recommend her to anyone.”

– “Lots of resources were given, flexible with teaching schedules and lots of support was provided for each upcoming SAC!”

– “Kelly is a wonderful tutor, she helped me a lot during biology last year. You can really tell that she cares about whether you know the content or not, and she always went over time for me at her own expense when I didn’t understand something (often 10-15 minutes) and never seems frustrated about that. You can really feel comfortable around her. Plus she gives lots of resources which helped me before my sacs because my school didn’t give a lot of revision material” – J


Location: my house in Vermont South. Tutorials at Monash University Clayton Campus are negotiable

Availability: Mainly tutor on Sundays – contact me (limited places)

Interested in hiring Kelly to be your tutor?

Kelly Z – VCE Biology Tutor