Kayla S – SACE English Stage 1 & 2 and SACE Creative Arts Stage 1 & 2 Tutor

Become a SACE ace with a tutor who scored 98.80!

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About Kayla


Hi there! My name is Kayla. Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile!

I’m a SACE graduate (2017) and a student at Flinders University. During my senior year of high school, I studied Modern History (A), English (A), Japanese (A+) and Creative Arts (A+ with Merit). I was DUX of my school and achieved an ATAR score of 98.80.

Fresh out of school, I understand the skills, habits and mindset one needs to cultivate to succeed in their final years of secondary study and meet the requirements of the SACE board.

My Mission

My number one priority is providing personalised, one-on-one tutoring and helping students to achieve their personal best. Everyone learns differently and so, every lesson I give is tailored to you specifically. I want to know your interests and passions and apply them to your studies. I know how great it feels to finish school knowing that I gave it my all. I’m here to help you feel the same way. I want you to graduate knowing you accomplished something special and worthwhile!

What do I offer?

I tutor English and Creative Arts as well as general methods of study. Part of my tutoring encompasses email support all week round. Feel free to contact me if you’re struggling with a particular concept or assignment. After all, communication is key!

I’m patient and have a knack for breaking down information and giving a clear, easily understood explanation of the topics being studied.



I live in Seaford (in the southern suburbs of Adelaide) so, I prefer to tutor in the Seaford area but I’d be happy to discuss this further with you. I’m available on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday and I only charge $40 per hour!

Contact me today! I look so much forward to meeting you!

Interested in hiring Kayla to be your tutor?

Kayla S – SACE English Stage 1 & 2 and SACE Creative Arts Stage 1 & 2 Tutor