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Julien O

Julien O

Hi! I'm Julien, a Years 7-10 English, HSC English Advanced (90), Modern History (90), Legal Studies (92) and Visual Arts (91) Tutor. I'll do my very best to make your high school journey as comfortable as it can be and help you to reach your academic goals!

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Hello everyone, I’m Julien! I graduated high school and completed the HSC in 2019. Being extremely passionate about learning and each of my subjects, I was able to become an HSC all-rounder student, achieving a Band 6 in English Advanced (90), Modern History (90), Legal Studies (92), Visual Arts (91) and Korean Beginners (94).

I believe helping others is one of the most fulfilling things one can do, so I am very excited to assist students on their journey to achieve their full academic potential and make dealing with their workloads just that bit easier. As a prolific writer, I can help with essay writing, proofreading, explaining difficult concepts within the subjects as well as curating study tips according to the student’s specific needs. I can also provide study notes and essay resources which I successfully used throughout my own HSC experience. I believe with my passion and dedication, I can create an environment where we can communicate freely and comfortably about students’ strengths and areas of improvement, and expand on that so each and every one of them can receive the best results.

So I promise, even though studying can sometimes be a difficult thing, anyone can be successful in their endeavours, as long as they have the right guidance and mindset. As such, I hope that I can effectively guide and spark a joy of learning in each student to create an enriching and meaningful experience like no other.


Location: I am available to tutor at the St Clair, Mt Druitt, St Marys, Blacktown and Penrith libraries. I also conduct lessons via Learnmate's online tutoring platform.

Hourly rates: My rates are $40/hr for individual sessions and $35/hr per person for group sessions (2-5 people).

Availability: Times are negotiable but I am very flexible, please contact me to arrange a time that suits you!

Thank you for reading my profile! Please feel free to contact me via phone call or message if you have any further questions. I hope to hear from you soon!


"Awesome young lady. Very knowledgeable on topic of Legal Studies.' - Paula, Parent