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Joshua L

Joshua L

Hi! I'm Joshua, a WACE Maths Methods, WACE Maths Applications, WACE Essential Maths and WACE Physics Tutor (92.35), and I wish to help you on your journey.

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Hi, I’m Joshua, a high-achieving, passionate and empathetic tutor!

I’m a former graduate from Leeming Senior High (ATAR 92.35) and have just graduated from a Bachelor of Science, with a double major in Physics/Nanotechnology and Mathematics/Statistics. I focus exclusively on the Maths and Physics subjects (Years 11 and 12) to be of most help in these areas (which are also my areas of expertise!). The subjects I tutor in are:

WACE Mathematics: Methods, Applications and Essential

WACE Physics: ATAR and General

I understand that life, mental health and growing up can affect your grades and performance at school. I failed most of my subjects in the first half of Year 11 and had no motivation or confidence left. But from the resilience I learned and support I received, I pushed through and achieved a 92.35 ATAR at the end of Year 12.

Now, I have graduated placing in the top 2% of my science degree. As I wished to help other students along their journey, I have been tutoring for the past year with LearnMate. I have also been a drop-in tutor for the Maths Department at Murdoch University, helping junior students tackle troubling mathematics.

I am here for the students who really need the help, as well as those already performing brilliantly and want to put in the extra mile for a stronger ATAR score. I will teach you how to be effective in your studies and develop lifelong academic skills. We will also explore all your material through applications, so you understand how everything you learn are being applied in real life and industry today!



Location: Leeming, Bullcreek, Kardinya, Bateman, Bibra Lake, South Lake, Coolbellup and surrounding suburbs.

Online tutoring available. The student can participate during lessons with the online whiteboard.

Costs: $40 / hr for online. $45 / hr for in-person.

Availability: Weekdays 3.30pm – 6.30pm. Saturdays 9.30am – 5pm


"Amazing! Very patient and considerate!" - Emma, Parent