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Jenna S

Jenna S

Hi! I'm Jenna, a Years 7-10 and VCE English, VCE Philosophy and VCE Literature (93.05 ATAR). I am incredibly passionate about maximising students' potential and helping them gain confidence in the desired subjects.

  • Fill 1English Literature
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Hi! My name is Jenna and I recently graduated VCE from Santa Maria College in 2020. I received an ATAR of 93.05, and am looking to tutor in English (42), Philosophy (40) and Literature (38). I consider myself a creative and innovative person, and aim to help students find the right tools to assist in their learning and help build their confidence! I plan to study a double degree of Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and Arts (Humanities) to pursue a career in teaching because I want to help students find their voice and use education to make a difference in the world.

I received a study score of 42 in English, with grades of A+, A+, A+. English is a subject for which I am incredibly passionate, and I have a comprehensive understanding of interpreting and comparing texts, understanding and analysing persuasive language and argument, constructing my own argument and literary theory. I understand both the theoretical and creative aspects of the subject and wish to share my knowledge of the curriculum with students and inspire them to enjoy the subject as well as motivate them in their own studies. I am able to tutor Year 7-10 and VCE English and have extensive resources from my time at high school to assist students.

I believe that learning should be made as digestible as possible. I want to provide students with materials that will not only teach them the material but also motivate them. When we find the type of learning that is suited to us best, we are inspired to keep trying and find that the content we are learning genuinely interest us. I want to help every individual student find the method of learning that suits them best, and to tailor the delivery of both theory and practical parts of the curriculum in a way that benefits students, whether they be visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners.


I am currently available to tutor online only via Learnmate’s online learning platform. I charge $40 an hour, but for group tutoring can offer a lesser hourly rate. Because I currently tutor solely online I am much more flexible in availability and can tutor for students in any location, and I am available all weekday afternoons, and throughout the day on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thank you for considering my profile and feel free to contact me if you have any queries or would like me to help you with your learning journey!