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“I have a keen passion for international politics and English and would love to bring this to you!”

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About Jeffrey

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my profile!

My name is Jeffrey, but most people just call me Jeff, and I am a current VCE Global Politics tutor and VCE English tutor. I love learning and have a genuine desire to share my knowledge with others. I have a keen passion for international politics and English and would love to bring this to you.


I graduated in 2014 and achieved a study score of 42 in Global Politics and English. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree at Melbourne University and am majoring in politics and international relations. Of course, my love of the subject has translated across well and I am currently achieving a H1 (High Distinction) average in all relevant subjects. I have experience with tutoring before and currently tutor a student in English.

There is a common misconception that politics and English are both exceedingly boring subjects, I aim to overturn such thoughts and foster an abiding passion for them. I truly believe that passion for the subject is the key to success!

Students often find the concepts and theory behind global politics a bit confusing. I want to help out with that, by explaining them with simple language and providing relevant case studies to complement them. My university studies also have given me another degree of complexity in regards to many of the theories discussed at the VCE level, I will certainly make these as well as my own painstaking research available to you, so that you can have an extra edge in essays and short response questions.

With global politics, I can help you with:

Unit 3
– Institutions of Global Governance
– NGO’s
– Challenges to state sovereignty

– Power in the Asia Pacific with special emphasis on China and America

Unit 4
– Human Rights (Responsibility to Protect doctrine)
– People Movement

– Inter and Intra state conflict
– Economic instability

Furthermore, I am also completely able to assist with aspects of English essay writing. In my experience, students often have difficulty analysing the text, identifying key quotes and themes and integrating these into their essay. I can certainly help with this and am able to offer in-depth critical examination of the text with students. With respect to context essays, I am able to discuss “encountering conflict.” Indeed, my wide knowledge of history as well as contemporary political developments is obviously very helpful in this regard.

With English, I can help you with the following:

– Text-Response Essays
– Context Essays
– Critical discussion on the themes and quotes present in your texts and your context along with suggestions of relevant examples
Language analysis


I am available all week after school hours. I am also available for phone and email consultation around the clock! 
I can come to you or we can meet halfway whatever best fits into your schedule, I am happy to accommodate.

I hold a valid working with children’s check so everyone, feel safe. In addition, I hold a valid Victorian Drivers License.

I charge $42 an hour. There will be a $10 charge if your location is more than 20 minutes drive away.

Again, thank you so much for your time, I look forward to having a chat and getting on with VCE!

Interested in hiring Jeffrey to be your tutor?

Jeffrey W – VCE English & VCE Global Politics Tutor