Jason K – Years 7-10 Maths, Science, IB Physics HL, IB Chemistry HL, IB Maths SL and IB Maths Studies SL Tutor

Hi! I’m Jason, an IB Chemistry (SL/HL), Physics (SL/HL), Maths SL and Year 7-10 Maths and Science tutor. I achieved perfect 7s in the subjects I’m willing to tutor. I strive to help students grasp concepts instead of just memorizing answers which will help answer any questions the IB throws at you!

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About Jason

Hi there! Thanks for taking your time to view my profile.

My name is Jason and I graduated from the IB program in 2017 with a score of 40/45 (ATAR 98.30)

As a past student, I understand the stress and pressure in which the IB throws at you, with IA’s and tests and exams hitting you from all sides. As a tutor, I believe I can help ease the pressure by making concepts easier to grasp to enable you to answer every question the IB has.


In the IB, I studied 3 HL subjects (Chemistry, Physics, History) and 3 SL subjects (Indonesian, English and Maths). I offer tutoring for Chemistry HL/SL (7/7), Physics HL/SL (7/7) and Mathematics SL (7/7). I also can tutor general mathematics and science for Year 7-10 students. Personally, I believe the IB is a rewarding program and students stand to gain lots out of it in terms of time management skills and studying habits. However, it can be difficult to deal with the pressure of the IB and my job is to ease that pressure and help students grasp every concept the subject offers and its applications to be able to answer every question the IB has.

I’m currently a first-year dental student at the University of Queensland. My degree choice allows me to be able to tutor all my subjects at the highly proficient level as believe it or not – physics, chemistry and maths are all essential in dentistry. I also have previous experience tutoring past students in my high school from Year 11 and helped them ease their struggles in concepts that a particularly hard to grasp.


Many students struggle at how to approach a problem when tackling IB maths and physics questions. I believe that through my guidance it will come to you in an instant after looking a problem on how to tackle it. As for chemistry, many students struggle at the amount of content required to learn in the subject, especially at higher level. I have a way in which I learnt chemistry that I can share with my students to allow them to achieve their desired grade at chemistry.

During lessons we can:

  • Go through content from school that students have been struggling on
  • Go through past papers that I have
  • Go through revision questions that I am able to provide at the end of each lesson on a particular topic we have covered
  • Answer any questions the student has regarding content covered, study tips or the IB as a whole
  • As a dentistry student, I also offer tips on the UMAT (88 percentile), but I do not offer exclusive tutoring on UMAT
  • Read through drafts of IAs and offer feedback (23/24 in Physics and Chemistry IA)
  • Provide notes on a specific topic (Chemistry and Physics only)
  • Go over definitions required by the IB for Physics and Chemistry


I live on-campus at the University of Queensland at St Leo’s College. I can accommodate tutoring in my dorm room or at a library in UQ. I am usually free on weekends and most afternoons and evenings on the weekdays. I can shift plans around to accommodate time for my students, so please do not hesitate to let me know if you need to reschedule in any way.

I also offer online tutoring via Skype to students that can’t make it to UQ.


I am willing to tutor students of all ages!

I also provide 24/7 email/Skype support for any student struggling before a test or exam and need an answer immediately. I will always reply in a timely manner! I also provide notes to students on concepts and topics, glossary of definitions required by the IB for physics and chemistry and past papers and hundreds of example IB questions from a questionbank for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

I am only charging $45 for IB Physics HL/SL and Chemistry HL/SL tutoring (includes IA support, glossary and multiple past papers) and $40 for IB mathematics SL and years 7-10 maths and science. The first half hour of the first lesson is completely FREE, as we will spend it to familiarize ourselves with each other and get comfortable. This also allows me to understand your learning habits, so I can tailor future lessons to your needs.

So, if you are looking for a passionate and engaging lesson and get rid of those pre-exam nerves, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m sure I can help you grasp those tricky concepts and achieve your desired grades!

My first lesson was great. I’m feeling much more confident. Very helpful!

Alex Student

Grace is very happy with Jason. He explains things in a way she understands and he makes her do tasks in front of him so he can check she is getting it right as opposed to just believing her if she is saying she understands.

Jillian Parent

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Jason K – Years 7-10 Maths, Science, IB Physics HL, IB Chemistry HL, IB Maths SL and IB Maths Studies SL Tutor