Jannelle L – VCE Biology Tutor

“Helping students maximise their academic results through passionate and engaging Biology tutoring!”

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About Jannelle


Hey there! Thank you for considering me as a tutor for Biology!

I completed my VCE studies at Box Hill Senior Secondary College in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 96.80. I obtained the (raw) study scores of 47 in Biology. This year, I am further pursuing my passion in the life sciences by studying my first year of Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne! This will also deepen my understanding of topics, ranging from biomolecules and cells to genetics.


VCE biology is a very content heavy subject with various complex concepts that often confuses students. I will do my best as your tutor to teach you the techniques, skills and knowledge to excel in biology, which includes how to:

  • Interpret and draw conclusion from data
  • Apply your knowledge to a range of scenarios
  • Master experimental design questions
  • Efficiently and effectively answer exam (and SAC) questions
  • Study and revise effectively
  • Session will not only be informative but also interesting and engaging!

Along with teaching content, I will provide students with a detailed set of notes to refer to when studying and practice questions (to ensure that the knowledge is cemented) as well as comprehensive set of company exams, including Lisachem, NEAP, STAV and more to maximise practice in preparation for the end-of-year exam!

Each student is extremely unique in their learning styles, so I understand the important of teaching in various methods and explaining concepts in different ways until I find the way that is most effective to them.

I will make sure that you walk out of each session with more clarity, knowledge and confidence in Biology than when you began.


I am available to tutor Saturday and Sunday, at the State Library, and we’ll arrange a time that accommodates both of our schedules! I will be available via email and phone 7 days a week if you require help before SACs or just want to clarify some concepts.

I am only charging $42 an hour for one-on-one sessions and $27 per person for group session (maximum of 3)!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Interested in hiring Jannelle to be your tutor?

Jannelle L – VCE Biology Tutor