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Jakob S

Jakob S

Hi there! I’m Jakob a Years 7 - 10, VCE French (51 scaled), Revolutions (44) and VCE English tutor (43) and I’d love to help you achieve success in your VCE studies!

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Hi! My name’s Jakob and I’d firstly like to thank you for visiting my profile!

I graduated from Vermont Secondary College in 2015 with an ATAR of 98.40, and I’m tutoring in French (45 scaled to 51), Revolutions (44) and English (43). I started tutoring in early 2016 because I feel I have lots to offer in helping students achieve success with their studies. I now have over 1000 hours of tutoring experience working with high school students of varying ages and with different goals and abilities.

My aim is to help you develop the precise skills, knowledge and understanding that will maximise your results. We will work towards achieving exactly what examiners are looking for in an exam environment, focussing on ensuring you have the best preparation possible. These are the keys to performing to the best of your ability!

I’m currently studying Law/Arts at Monash University, which is really enjoyable. I‘ve found this degree particularly relevant for tutoring, as it has enhanced my analytical skills, and my understanding of effective written communication. On a side note, I also love my sport, having competed in 7 different sports over my lifetime.

I offer tutoring in French, Revolutions and English. While there are many similarities in these subjects, tutoring sessions will likely focus on different things. Of course, I will always cater to your individual needs.


How to perform well in the oral exam is a central focus in French tutoring. This is the most difficult part of VCE French and most students who aren’t native speakers (myself included) find it quite intimidating. With a deep understanding of exactly what examiners are looking for, and experience in helping other students vastly improve their speaking skills, I’ll help you transform your general conversation and detailed study. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Other areas of focus will be how to structure and what to include in writing tasks to ensure a good score, as well as polishing grammar skills and working on strategies to improve listening.


A key area for improvement for many students is written expression. We will spend significant time working on better communicating your ideas to impress examiners, with specific advice relating to the different types of essays. We will also work on improving both your understanding of selected texts and the analytical skills that are so crucial to achieving high scores.


I closely studied the American and French Revolutions, however, I also have experience tutoring the French and Chinese Revolutions. I’m passionate about history! We will focus on critically analysing the content to establish a complex understanding, and translating this to excellent results by improving your historical writing style.


I charge $50 per hour for individual tutoring. I can tutor at my home in Knox, or I am happy to travel to you. A travel fee may apply depending on travel time and a $5 discount applies if you travel to my place.

However, in-person tutoring is unlikely to be feasible for the foreseeable future. I am therefore offering online tutoring for $45/hour on Learnmate’s online learning platform.


"Friendly, Professional, Assimilates with my son, Patient, Cooperative, Knowledgable. We are VERY happy." - Rose, Parent