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Jacqueline V

Jacqueline V

Hi! I'm Jacqueline, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 English, Maths, Music, Geography, Religion, HSC Advanced English, Maths Standard 2, Music 1, Modern History, and Studies of Religion 2 Tutor (89 ATAR). I have a deep passion for helping students to reach their full potential.

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  • Fill 1Standard Maths
  • Fill 1Studies of Religion (1 and 2)
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Hello to all students, parents, and friends! My name is Jacqueline and I’m an enthusiastic 18-year-old girl who graduated from high school last year (2019). I am situated in Zetland at the moment and I currently study full time at the University of New South Wales in Kensington for a bachelor of International Studies and Communications and Media. Why become a tutor you ask? I have a deep passion for helping students to reach their full potential.

My passion started from my relationship with my own tutor, and I understand how important that bond can be. You want a tutor that is able to assist your children in fulfilling their full potential, yet help them with finding that independently at the end of the road (we’re not there with them on their final exams). We are in 2020, it is all about new methods, especially in a suddenly digitalized era due to the pandemic. I can tutor both in-person and online but as I do not want to put your child at risk or myself, online is preferred. Personally, I feel I am more able to relate to my students as I graduated last year with the new curriculum, tutor my cousin throughout primary school (he is 8 now) and completed my HSC with an adequate mark. I also understand the stresses and pressure that school can provide for a student as I struggled quite harshly with it (we will work on that too).

I bet at this rate you’re thinking, she’s rambling on… let’s just get to her results. So without further ado here is how I did in my 2019 HSC:

English Adv=86.5

Math Standard 2=87

Modern History=85

Music 1=97

Studies of Religion 2=84


The subjects I am able to tutor well for Primary School students include:




The subjects I am able to tutor well for Year 7-10 students include:





Modern History


The subjects I am able to tutor for Year 11 students include:

Advanced English

Maths Standard 2

Modern History

Studies of Religion 2 unit

Music 1

Before I go, I want to share something my professor mentioned to me that rang true. He said it’s those who during quarantine, that study and encourage their expertise, who will most likely be going in the direction of reaching their full potential. I completely agree with this as the power of learning is within oneself and not within the confines of your classroom. Knowledge is endless!

Have a lovely day and please stay safe during quarantine!

Kind regards,



I am situated in Zetland, Sydney. If you pick in-person lessons the places I can travel to include:






Anywhere further than this will be a bit difficult for me but I can try to negotiate, just let me know.

I am able to tutor on Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekends.

My cost per hour differs for primary school and high school students. Online tutoring sessions are preferred but if you choose to do in-person it will cost a bit more due to the circumstances currently.

I am so excited to meet you and help you create a love for learning and comprehending knowledge.