Jack D – Years 7-10 General Maths and VCE Further Maths Tutor

I want to use my passion for maths to help students to smash their goals.

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About Jack

Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile. My name’s Jack and I am from Williamstown. I love to play drums, spend time with my Labrador and am a proud supporter of the Western Bulldogs.

About myself
I graduated from Westbourne Grammar School in 2017 where I achieved a study score of 45 for Further Mathematics and attained an ATAR of 92.90. Currently I am studying a double degree of Electrical Engineering and Business Management at RMIT and hope to use my passion for maths to teach all high school year levels.

Having finished high school last year and having many friends who are currently in high school, I understand the struggles and stress surrounding the daunting end of year exams and hope to not only teach Further Maths, but also the studying tips I learnt from my experience with VCE to give your daughter / son the tools they need to achieve their maximum potential this year!

In regards to Further Maths I studied the modules of:

  • Core Mathematics (Data analysis and Financial Mathematics)
  • Matrices
  • Networks and Decision Mathematics

However, with my knowledge, skills and passion for maths I would happily learn and assist with any other module your child requires tutoring for.

I have detailed notes for each of these modules which cover every essential point of the study design which will save you the immense amount of time which you would normally spend on note writing. It is very common for students to spend hours upon hours writing out these notes which removes the time they could spend on vital practice questions.

Availability, Location and Cost
I aim to be as flexible as possible for your convenience and provide assistance 7 days a week in between sessions of required!
As I study at RMIT I am happy to meet anywhere in the city such as the state library or come to you if you live in an area easily accessible by public transport.

I offer a free half hour for the first session and only charge $40 per hour for in person tutoring at your desired location onwards! I also offer group sessions for $30 per person.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Interested in hiring Jack to be your tutor?

Jack D – Years 7-10 General Maths and VCE Further Maths Tutor