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“Attain better results with a tutor who scored 50 in Philosophy, 46 in Global Politics and 47 in English!”

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About Henry

About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile.

My name’s Henry. I have a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with others. Particularly, I love the satisfaction of helping others achieve results that they never thought possible. I love tennis, soccer and footy and I am very interested in International Politics and History.

Qualifications, personal attributes and experience

I achieved an ATAR of 99.65, with a study score of 50 and a Premier’s Award in Philosophy, as well as study scores of 46 and 47 in Global Politics and English respectively. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree at Melbourne University. As a current VCE Global Politics tutor, I have been tutoring a student in this subject for 6 months.

If you hire me, I will do my absolute utmost to ensure that you achieve success and just as importantly in my opinion, develop a love for your chosen discipline. I have an absolute passion for Philosophy and Global politics and I believe that this will help me provide you with an excellent educative experience. In addition, I am friendly, hard-working and a good communicator.

I have been told that Global Politics and Philosophy can be overwhelming subjects, with their huge quantities of subject material. What I can do however, is to filter through the masses of subject material, providing you with the essential information that you must learn to succeed.

So far this year, I have already helped my student turn his SAC results around from B+ to A+ levels.

What I can help you with:

For Global Politics I can provide you with help in the following areas.

-World Institutions
-General challenges to state sovereignty
-NGOs and Non-governmental Organisations and their effect on state sovereignty (I studied Greenpeace and the Sinaloa Cartel)
-Transnational Corporations and their effect on state sovereignty
-Power and national interest in the Asia Pacific from an American Perspective

Ethical Issues: Human Rights (Conflict in Darfur Case study), Arms Control (North Korea and Iran case studies)
Crisis 1: Interstate warfare (US invasion of Afghanistan), Intrastate warfare (Syrian Conflict)
Crisis 2:State and non-state terrorism (Al Qaeda and Syrian government state terrorism)
Concept and application of the ‘Just War’ principle

*If you are studying any of the following areas, please contact me for help.

-David Armstrong

-Nagasena and Santideva

-Peter Singer

*If you are studying any of the following philosophers/texts, please contact me for help.

-I am happy to assist with Language Analysis and in correcting any essays.

Availability, Cost and Location

Throughout the week, I am happy to answer any urgent questions that you may have, over the phone, or over Facebook. Where applicable, I will also endeavour to give you free notes and essays.

I live in North Melbourne and am available most late afternoons/nights and and most times throughout the day on weekends (please see my availability on my profile). Depending on your location, I am happy to come to you, or you can come to me or we can event meet at a public library somewhere in between.

There are times where I may need to modify tutoring times, but I will do my absolute best to accommodate you into my schedule.

My service will cost only $50 per hour, and in return for this, I will try my best to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience and of course, succeed in all your SACs and exams.

In addition, I also hold a valid Working with Children Check.

Thanks for your interest!

I was really impressed with Henry’s tutoring. He improved my SAC results within a few weeks to A+ standard, achieving scores of a 98%, and two of 100%. His approach to tutoring was not only effective, supplying appropriate and comprehensive resources, but was also fun and enjoyable. Due to working with Henry I felt well prepared and confident going into the exam, and achieved a study score and ATAR I was happy with. I would highly recommend Henry as a tutor.

Neeve Past Parent

Interested in hiring Henry to be your tutor?

Henry S – VCE Global Politics Tutor, VCE Philosophy and VCE English Tutor