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Henry J

Henry J

Hi there! I'm Henry, a Year 10, VCE Chemistry & VCE Legal Studies tutor. VCE can be a stressful time, and so let me help you get amazing results!

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Hi there! My name is Henry and thanks for taking your time to visit my profile. Hopefully, we can start tutoring together soon and begin your VCE journey.

I graduated from Wellington Secondary College in 2014 having served as SRC President whilst completing my VCE. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University. I have also worked with LearnMate for more than 5 years now and love it!

What I offer:

My philosophy when it comes to the VCE and studying in general is that hard work will be rewarded in the end. I am committed in ensuring that my students do everything in their power to get the study score that they deserve for the work they put in.

Chemistry is a subject, which I have come to love. There are times, when some Chemistry concepts can be hard and through my experience with this subject I hope to help you get over that barrier. Likewise, if you aim to complete some science or biomedical science degree at university having a solid foundation on VCE Chemistry will help you a lot during your first year at university.

The successful way I think to learn Chemistry is through doing questions. Whether it be from past VCAA exam questions or questions from the many Chemistry textbooks that are out there, practicing applying the concepts you learn in class will help you to solidify your understanding of the topic, and in our sessions, we will do just that.

During our sessions, I will aim to provide you with questions that are relevant to the topic you are currently studying from a variety of sources so that you can get a feel on the type of questions that can be asked in those areas.

I am very familiar with the current Chemistry VCE Study Design and will continue to stay up to date with the Study Design, as I also write/edit practice exams, therefore deficiency in Study Design knowledge won’t be an issue.

Likewise, with Legal Studies it is another subject where rote-learning will not get you the high marks that you want. Through our sessions, I hope to get you to really understand the content so that you will be prepared to confidently answer any questions put forward to you.

NOTE: I will be offering services only for Units 3 & 4 Legal Studies.

During our sessions, I hope to:

  • Prepare you for your SACs.
  • Help you understand the concepts, which you find difficult to grasp.
  • Prepare you for your final exam.
  • Give you tips on how to make excellent notes that will serve as a very good revision tool when it comes to exam time.
  • Provide you with moral support, because we all know that VCE can be tough and very demanding.
  • Give you tips on how to approach studying.
  • I am a person who lives on schedules and so I will be able to provide you with ways on how to organise your time and use it wisely.
  • I also provide weekly worksheets that summarises key concepts. These worksheets also contain revision questions to help you get familiar with applying what you learnt to questions.


My timetable is fairly flexible, but please get in contact with me so we can arrange a time that works for both of us.

My preference would be for students to meet me at Monash University (Clayton or Caulfield) and/or in the Clayton area.

I am only charging $50 per hour, which includes not only our one on one contact, but also outside hours contact via email and any other means that is possible!

I also conduct lessons online via Learnmate’s online learning platform. Please get in touch with me for more details.

Once again thanks for visiting my profile, and hopefully I will hear from you soon so that we can begin your road to success.


"Henry was an excellent tutor for VCE Chemistry this year. He allowed me to follow a path to find the answer instead of giving it to me and then explaining why. This method of learning allowed me to develop analytical and problem solving skills that will help me in my studies in University and the future. I highly recommend Henry as a tutor to anyone struggling to hit the higher grades in Chemistry as a VCE subject, especially those who need an extra surge of motivation like I did at the time." - Georgia, Past Chemistry Student

"I would highly recommend Henry as a tutor. He is very organised, and has excellent knowledge of the subject matter. Henry has really helped me improve my Chemistry with his easy to understand explanations and thorough notes and practice questions." - Omisha, Past student – 2017

"In Year 11 I was struggling to understand basic chemistry concepts, averaging a SAC score of around 50%. This low average motivated me to get a tutor that would hopefully help me to understand the topics more effectively, and therefore boost my average SAC score. After meeting Henry, and having weekly tuition sessions with him, I was able to more readily understand the Chemistry concepts at hand. He gave me a second overview to that of my teachers, along with exam and study tips that helped him during year 12, which drastically improved my understanding of the topics. He was also able to help me during non-tuition hours, so that when I was struggling with questions at home, I was able to send him the question and he would help me almost instantly. With Henry’s help, I was able to help boost my average SAC score to around 80%, which otherwise would have been near impossible to achieve. Not only is Henry a great tutor, but he is a great person. I would definitely recommend him to be your tutor during your VCE journey." - Adam, Past student – 2017

"Henry is a very knowledgeable Legal Studies tutor, who provides through explanations on all legal concepts and detailed feedback to practice responses. Moreover, Henry offers flexible tutoring services, such as online tutoring via email. This method was highly effective for myself as a busy VCE student, who could not always find time to meet with a tutor face-to-face. I would highly recommend Henry as a Legal Studies tutor." - Brooke, Past Legal Studies Student