Helena T – Years 7-10 French and Maths, HSC French, General Maths and HSC Maths Unit 2 Tutor

“As a French native speaker and fan of Mathematics, I am committed to help other students successfully achieve high results through studious but friendly tutoring sessions”

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About Helena

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile.

My name is Helena and I am a recent HSC graduate (2016). I graduated in New Caledonia with the equivalent of a HSC mark of 84.5 and an ATAR of 98.60. Currently, I am studying in University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where I am doing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours).

These are the levels I will be able to teach: any French level (from year 7 to 12), Mathematics (Year 7-10), General Mathematics (Years 11-12) and Mathematics Unit 2 (Years 11-12).


My HSC results in Mathematics (equivalent of Mathematics Extension 2) and French (equivalent of French extension) are respectively 90/100 and 80/100.

Since my youngest age, I have always had a passion for languages and mathematics; thus, I will be more than pleased to teach you the beauty of French and mathematics. My personal goals are to spread the wonderful French culture and language and to make people realise how amazing and interesting can be mathematics!

As a tutor, I will be able to transfer my skills to my students, explain concepts and assist with misunderstandings and difficulties.

I am known to be very patient and understanding when I tutor my students and I will do my possible to understand your difficulties and solve them in a friendly but studious atmosphere. I am also very enthusiastic, communicative and committed and, therefore, I strongly believe that my passion for these subjects and for tutoring will fuel students’ desire to succeed.


I am currently available all days of the week and I will do my utmost best to accommodate my students’ schedules.

I am also offering an email support 7 days per week, so should you have any questions throughout the week, I will be more than glad to help you!

I live in Camperdown so I will be able to tutor around this area, but also around UTS, across the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. I can be very flexible for my students so, if in doubt, I encourage you to contact me, that way we will be able to discuss about a convenient location.

I charge $45/h and $10 for travel if time becomes a factor.

Please feel free to get in contact with me if you have ANY questions or if you are ready to get on the right track to achieving success this year!

Interested in hiring Helena to be your tutor?

Helena T – Years 7-10 French and Maths, HSC French, General Maths and HSC Maths Unit 2 Tutor