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“Achieve your potential with an aspiring engineer who is willing to be your friend and mentor!”

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About Hayden

About me:

Hey there! Firstly I’d like to thank you for visiting my profile.

After graduating in 2012, I became a maths tutor initially driven by my belief that knowledge should be shared with anyone willing to learn. When I was a high school student, I achieved a study score of 44.62 (40 raw) in Maths Methods. Having completed my first degree (Bachelor of Commerce) at the University of Melbourne, I am also studying a Masters of Engineering at the same institution.


Over the years of being both a student a tutor, I strived to become what I believe would be an ideal tutor. Whilst maintaining a relaxed and friendly environment, I not only teach my students my own interpretation of the content, but I also encourage and support them in their endeavours. In saying that, I wish for my students to see me more as a mentor/friend and be perfectly comfortable in asking me questions outside of maths for instance, how does University compare to high school? 

I have an extensive knowledge of the maths methods topics such as:

  • Calculus – Differentiation and Integration
  • Probability – Normal distribution
  • Trigonometry – Solving and graphing techniques
  • Functions and Transformations – Solving and graphing techniques

Obviously there are more areas under these 4 main topics however the above mentioned is crucial and some of which I had the chance to further explore in university.

Availabilities and Cost

I live in Glen Waverley and you are welcome to come to my house for tuition. I possess a valid Working with Children’s Check and Victorian Driver’s License.  Due to my busy schedule this semester, I prefer to tutor on Fridays however I will do my best to accommodate you if Friday is not possible. I am only charging $40 per hour where I will be sharing my own extensive collection of notes and be providing support through phone, email or your preferred contact method.

Should you choose to select me as your tutor, do not hesitate to contact me if would like to discuss anything or would like to start making math methods simpler!

Interested in hiring Hayden to be your tutor?

Hayden Y – VCE Maths Methods Tutor