Grace J – HSC Maths, Maths Ext. 1 & HSC Economics Tutor

“I am a patient, interactive, structured and well-organised teacher, which I have developed these qualities through my work experience as a teacher at Edu- Kingdom”

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About Grace

Hi there!! My name is Grace Jiang and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Economics at the University of New South Wales.

I graduated from Cheltenham Girls High School in 2015 and obtained an ATAR of 92.

I am interested in tutoring for HSC Mathematics, HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and HSC Economics and I have inserted my results in the table below.

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 HSC Economics
HSC Exam Mark 91 80
HSC Mark 90 82
Assessment Mark 89 84
School Rank 8/70 7/25

I studied Mathematics Extension 2 during my HSC thus I do feel comfortable in tutoring Mathematics My final preliminary results for mathematics are 95 and I ranked 10/120 out of my school grade.

Teaching Style

I am a patient, interactive, structured and well-organised teacher, which I have developed these qualities through my work experience as a teacher at Edu- Kingdom as I taught classes of 2-4 students where they find me quite enjoyable. I have developed my ability to engage students through constant interaction by consistently asking them questions instead of speaking as a teacher non- stop, which would bore students.

For Maths, I believe the secret to obtain a mark in the top band is to understand the meaning of each formula rather just remember its application process for each type question, as it is a tedious method. Understanding the concept of each formula enables you to ‘think outside the box’ so you will be more able to successfully tackle more challenging questions in exams that asks the question in a way which indirectly suggests the application of a particular formula. Through my experiences, maths is a subject that can be easily perfected through excessive practice by studying the content beforehand thus effective time management is important and I am willing to help you with study plans. Excessive practice with maths questions also improves your speed and efficiency to complete questions, which allows you to have more spare time to check answers during exams and this is my goal for you as my student.

In the subject Economics, there is great focus on answering the question clearly in order to obtain high marks in economics as the main objective in exams is to demonstrate knowledge thus structured and concise answers are required, which many students struggle with. In the HSC economics exam, the greatest challenge is writing the two essays which accounts for 40 marks out of 100. Apart from understanding the content, the top students know the difference between a poorly written essay and a well written one. As a tutor, I will personally assist you to develop skills step by step you believe you lack in economics to help you overcome your struggles and provide you with more exam tips.

During the beginning of my HSC year, I did struggle with various aspects but I have fortunately overcome them with the support of my tutors. Therefore, I will be able to put myself in your shoes and understand ways that will help you improve as I believe have been in your position not so long ago.

Details for tutoring services

If you were to select me as your tutor, I will offer 7 days a week of interaction via phone or email and my concise and explanatory HSC Economics notes that are written following the NSW HSC syllabus and are also colour coded based on definition, concepts, examples, formulas and statistics.  I will also provide you my Economics statistics sheet, which I used during my HSC, and I would also update the statistics from time to time so you would obtain comparative statistics, which brings assistance to essays. If you have are struggling with time management or organisation skills, I will fully support you by for example, helping you create a study plan before an exam period and provide you with other studying tips.

Location, availability and rates

I live in Epping but I often travel to Chatswood and I am willing to either travel to your home or to another place of your choice.  I am fully available on Tuesdays and Sundays but am also available during certain times of other days. Please enquire me for exact times.

My rate is $47 per hour and $32 each for a group (2 to 4 students).

Thank you so much for reading my profile and considering me as one of you tutors. I would do my best to organise lessons and times for you to fit into my schedule.

Interested in hiring Grace to be your tutor?

Grace J – HSC Maths, Maths Ext. 1 & HSC Economics Tutor