Giulia F – Years 7 – 12, VCE English Language & VCE Chemistry Tutor

“I strive to help my students foster a passion for the subject, and to deepen their understating of the study material and its intricacies!”

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About Giulia

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile and consider me as a tutor for English Language or Chemistry!

About Me and My Qualifications

My name’s Giulia and I graduated high school in 2015 with an ATAR of 99.30 and a raw study score of 45 for Chemistry and English Language (Dux of subject for Genazzano College). I’m currently studying a double degree of Law and Science at Monash University, majoring in Chemistry within my Science component.

During VCE, English Language and Chemistry were my favourite subjects, and as such my passion and enthusiasm for the two has extended to how I tutor. I strive for my students to establish an intimate knowledge of the course material and be able to concisely articulate this; develop their confidence and passion for the subject by offering them support and guidance; write comprehensive and analytical responses, addressing all elements of a question; and reach their full potential and achieve VCE success!

Having recently completed my VCE studies, I understand and can empathise with the pressures and expectations that are involved for VCE students, and the “balancing-act” required to juggle each subject. This is why I offer my students support and encouragement not only in my particular subjects, but also for their general well-being, and taking the time to become familiar with their other endeavours and aspirations.

Tutoring Services

I have a sound understanding of both the current study designs for Chemistry and English Language. Additionally, I will happily supply students with a copy of my extensive set of notes from VCE, examples essays and responses, and practice questions/exams. My students and their success are my first priority, which is why I’m also available 7 days a week to accommodate their needs either by phone or email outside of our scheduled time.

Furthermore, I endeavour to challenge and encourage further independent thinking from my students by setting homework at the conclusion of most sessions, with the expectation that they attempt to complete it in earnest. I find that this the best way of reinforcing the main points from each lesson and increase the student’s exposure and preparation for the end of year exam. 

Location, Availability and Cost

I live in the Reservoir area, but also frequent Clayton and the CBD. I am also willing to travel to you, if preferred. I’m available Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (and most evenings), but please enquire for my exact availability; I am flexible and will endeavour to fit into your timetable. For private tutoring I charge $50 per hour.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, I look forward to hearing from you so we can start on your VCE success!

Interested in hiring Giulia to be your tutor?

Giulia F – Years 7 – 12, VCE English Language & VCE Chemistry Tutor