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Gillian T

Gillian T

Hi, I’m Gillian, a Years 7-10, VCE English, VCE English Literature, VCE General Maths, VCE Further Maths and VCE Music Performance Tutor (92.75), and I'm here to help you improve and work well on your studies.

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Hey there! My name is Gill and I graduated from Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School in 2018 with an ATAR of 92.75.

By the end of Year 12, I completed English, English Literature, Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Music Performance, and got above raw 40 in 3 out of my 5 subjects. I am now studying at the University of Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Music and Diploma of Languages (Japanese).

English (both mainstream and lit) has always been one of my strongest subjects, and ultimately I was able to achieve a raw score of 43, achieving A+ for all graded assessments and the final exam. As well as English, I excelled in Further Mathematics and Music Performance, achieving results of A+ in SACs and the final examinations.

Whilst there were great challenges throughout VCE, I have a great passion for the subjects that I tutor in, and I hope to emulate that onto those that are seeking to finish VCE well — above and beyond what is expected from them.

I’ve been through the challenge of VCE myself (if I made it through you can too), so I know that a major factor towards conquering the subject is careful guidance – not only through the resources and support given, but also through filling our lessons with interesting, enthusiastic and bubbly

discussions as a way to make the subject one that you enjoy. This will also encourage students to strive to improve and work well because they have a sense of passion for what they’re doing.

From understanding the themes within texts to writing a language analysis/ literary perspectives essay, my priority is to ensure that I cater to all needs of the student: allowing them to understand the curriculum and what is expected of them, as well as assisting them to form their own interpretation and thoughts on the themes within texts, and find their ‘perfect fit’ of writing style.

For Further Maths, whilst there are preconceptions that it is an ‘easier’ subject that you can ‘wing’, my priority is to ensure that we cover the cores and modules meticulously – coming to understand the formulas and how to apply them using the CAS, as well as realising the little ‘traps’ that can be found in questions (particularly application and extended responses). These ‘traps’ can afford you a handful of marks, which can differ you between an A and an A+. Also, I completed the modules ‘matrices ‘and ‘graphs and relations’ in Year 12, so unfortunately I have limited knowledge on the other modules.

Conquering the different sections of the written Music Performance exam, and getting full marks in every section, can help you achieve that raw 40+. My priority in our sessions is to not only focus on the theory, but to also focus heavily on section A and B of the exam: ‘aural’ and ‘listening and interpretation’, which are the areas where students lose a hefty amount of marks. We will come to develop our own personalised ‘formulas’ on how to tackle a listening response, and assist in developing aural skills – particularly in regards to melodic/rhythmic dictation and chord progression.


My main tutoring locations are in the CBD, Maribyrnong, Brunswick, Essendon and Hawthorn, however I’m open to travelling. If you’re unable to travel to these locations, or not nearby, I also offer Skype/ Facetime calls. I also am able to conduct lessons virtually via Zoom.

I charge $45 for one-on-one sessions, whilst groups and calls are $40, which include all of my provided resources and guidance.

As well as our sessions, I can also be contacted via phone and email if extra support is needed at any point of the week.

I also have a valid Working with Children’s check

Thanks for reading my profile, and let me help you smash out your VCE goals and succeed!

Hope to hear from you soon :)


"She is the best!" - Jaskirat, Current Student

"Very good, very helpful and great tips!" - Jaskirat, Student

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