Georgia S – Years 7 – 10, VCE/QCE English, English Literature, Modern History, Drama and Sociology Tutor

Facilitating your success is my greatest priority, and by tailoring my teaching approach to best suit your learning style, I’ll ensure you study smarter, not harder.

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About Georgia


Hi there! I’m Georgia, an adaptive and zealous tutor for both primary and secondary students. Thanks for visiting my profile and seeking more information on how I can help you reach any academic goal you’ve set.

I offer tutoring for the following senior subjects: VCE English (Study score 48), VCE Modern History (Study Score 47), VCE Drama (Study Score 50),  VCE English Literature (Study Score 48) and Sociology (Study Score 48). I also offer the following subjects for years 7-10: English, History, Drama, Biology (Study Score 47).

Having completed high school with an ATAR of 98 at the age of 17, I commenced my double degree of Arts and Science at Monash University in 2018. I am now entering my second year as an Arts Ambassador, majoring in Literary Studies/Sociology and Evolutionary Genetics. During my time at high school, I collected 4 top of subject awards for the following authority subjects: English, Modern History, Drama, and Biology, as well as several academic bursaries. My motivation and learning ethic awarded me the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Excellence; a scholarship I work diligently to retain.

What prompted me to tutor is my intrinsic belief that knowledge is power, and every young person should strive to learn for the betterment of themselves and those around them. I have a particular passion for English and humanities, and I operate with the understanding that unlike STEM subjects which hinge on black and white concepts, humanities exist in the grey area. To guarantee success no matter the task, I’ve worked closely with education professionals to determine what each assessment piece requires in terms of understanding, interpretation, analysis, comparison and explanation. I also acknowledge that studying itself is a skill that requires practice and discipline, so I’ve curated a catalogue of tips and tricks that will help you approach content efficiently and effectively.

What I provide

  • Interpreting and deconstructing texts (even the most convoluted Shakespearean play)
  • Identifying explicit and implicit meanings
  • Efficient note taking
  • Structuring and writing essays (comparative and expository) / short stories/ monologues/ speeches
  • Improving grammar, punctuation, structure, and vocabulary
  • Synthesising a thesis
  • Analysing texts to find relevant and strong evidence to support a thesis
  • Exam preparation
  • Constructing comprehensive research journals
  • Explaining referencing and citation
  • Phone and email support 7 days a week!

I also hold a valid Working with Children Check.

I have first-hand experience with how gruelling study can be, so I’m more than happy to work our tutoring sessions around whatever schedule you have. Just let me know and we can make it happen!


I currently study at Monash University, so a session at any of the Clayton campus facilities is absolutely ideal. In saying this, I have no issue meeting you at a public library within Clayton, Glen Waverley, Notting Hill, or Oakleigh East. I also offering sessions through online platforms. Whatever your circumstances are, I will do my utmost to accomodate you.

I charge $42 an hour. If you’re looking for a reduced rate for group sessions, feel free to enquire and we can arrange a great deal.

Thank you so much for considering me as a potential tutor, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Georgia is a great English Literature Tutor .She has helped my daughter a lot in recent SACs

Batuvita Parent

Georgia is an excellent tutor. She immediately made my daughter feel at ease and her methods of tutoring were exceptional. Highly recommended.

Michelle Parent

Georgia has been very helpful and cannot thank her enough for all the support with tutoring.

George Student

Interested in hiring Georgia to be your tutor?

Georgia S – Years 7 – 10, VCE/QCE English, English Literature, Modern History, Drama and Sociology Tutor