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George D

George D

Hi! I'm George, a Primary School, Years 7-10, and VCE Maths, Science, Computing, Maths Methods, Chemistry, Specialists Maths, Software Development (Computing) and Physics Tutor. I thoroughly enjoy both learning and tutoring STEM subjects and I have jumped straight into continuing to broaden my knowledge of my favourite subjects from VCE in my uni years.

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Hi, I’m George and I completed VCE in 2020 with an ATAR of 96.15, graduating as the DUX of Footscray High School. I’m currently studying at Melbourne uni with a graduate degree package of a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Mathematics and Statistics) and a Masters of Data Science.

I thoroughly enjoy both learning and tutoring STEM subjects and I have jumped straight into continuing to broaden my knowledge of my favourite subjects from VCE in my uni years. Having just graduated, I know I have both the required subject knowledge as well as study tips to help you improve. I am very passionate in tutoring; I love helping others, I was looked upon by my peers for help in school. I will go out of my way to make sure you achieve the most you can! This includes: (but is not limited to)

  • Working closely with your personal level of understanding and paying attention to (as well as bringing attention to) your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Freedom to ask me questions outside of tutoring times and I will either respond over text, over phone or with a quick video explanation FOR FREE.
  • If you manage to have a question that completely stumps me during a session, extra time will be added to the session FOR FREE.

Subjects I am most specialised in tutoring:

  • VCE Methods (A+, A+, A+, 41 raw, 45.86 scaled)
  • Chemistry (A+, A+, A+, 42 raw, 45.29 scaled)
  • Mathematics, Science and Computing tutoring for primary school and middle school.

I’m also offering tutoring for:

  • VCE Specialists Maths (B, C+, C+, 29 raw, 40.09 scaled)
  • English (A+, A+, A, 38 raw, 36.95 scaled)
  • Software Development (A, A, B+, 36 raw, 33.93 scaled)
  • Physics (B, A, B, 31 raw, 33.10 scaled)

I also have a valid working with children check and I volunteer as a tutor at SAIL. If you have any queries feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!



I tutor online or around the Western Suburbs and CBD. Depending on the distance, there may be a travel fee for in person sessions. I travel from Sunshine to The University of Melbourne often so I’d be happy to meet in between there, at the Uni itself or at the State library on those days. Feel free to contact me for more information for prices for your location.

I am free most days after school and most weekends. I’m quite flexible in my times so feel free to send me a message and I’m sure we can work something out for you.

My prices are:

  • In person (one-on-one): 50$ for 1 hour + 40$ per hour for subsequent time
  • In person (group): 35$ for 1 hour + 30$ per hour for subsequent time (per person)
  • Online (one-on-one): 40$ per hour
  • Online (group): 30$ per hour (per person)


"My stepson was very happy with George’s tutoring assistance at his first lesson this week. George really helped him better understand and critically evaluate his maths responses. Clearly George is very knowledgeable and passionate about maths, He was on-time and energetic in his tuition approach. Looking forward to upcoming tutoring sessions." - Michael, Parent