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About Gabby

Hello, thank-you for visiting my profile. I’m Gabriella, I’m from the Western suburbs of Melbourne, I’m looking forward to another year of tutoring, and assisting you in achieving your goals, through whichever means possible.


I attended Taylors Lakes Secondary College with an ATAR of 94.00, and a study score of 46 in Business Management, placing me in the top 2% of the state. I’m genuinely passionate about the subject and thus am extremely excited to be able to pass on my knowledge and skills to other willing students! Through my own experience in year 12, I have devised numerous revision techniques which have enabled me to succeed across a variety of subjects, and hope to share such techniques with you. I will assist with any query regardless of how in-depth, or conversely, simple questions may seem. I’m extremely understanding of varying learning capabilities and thus won’t make you feel uncomfortable, as well as will explain things in whichever way suits your learning style. We will also target any specific areas of weakness, as opposed to applying a cookie cutter approach to my tutoring styles, with customised learning being essential to maximising results.

I also have an array resources such as notes, flash cards, topic summaries and exam revision/ practice exams which will help enormously when revising for SACS, as well as the final exam. Additionally, I will focus on connecting real life examples to course content; which is crucial to understanding the topic, consolidating knowledge and maximising marks through understanding the practicality of the course.

I also ensure that learning and progress will be monitored through intermittent goals, ensuring that progress can be reviewed, revisited and that the sessions remain effective. I aim to assist you in a way which will minimize stress and anxiety, in turn taking the additional burned off of seeking help, through constant support and flexibility.

In addition to the weekly/bi-weekly sessions as necessary, I am also available to be contacted via email or phone 7 days a week to supplement support, as I understand that urgent questions may come up after our session which cannot wait until the following week! My aim is to make improvement as convenient as possible, and help you as its needed, as I understand learning is a constant process, and questions may arise when completing homework/ studying for a SAC that you were not yet able to ask me about.

Availability and charge:

I’m based in Sunbury, however conduct my lessons throughout neighbouring suburbs of Melbourne’s West, I am available Wednesday through to Friday from 9-4, as well as weekend work if necessary. If you are seeking consultations outside of the time, contact me for other arrangements, as I’m sure we can find a time and place with suit us both.

I am only charging $35 an hour for one-one one tutoring sessions, with group sessions available at $30. Contact me today so we can start establishing a path to your VCE success!

Thank you for visiting my profile, and best of luck with your studies! ☺

Interested in hiring Gabby to be your tutor?

Gabby B – VCE Business Management Tutor