Felix L – VCE Methods, Physics, Chemistry, Chinese SL & English Tutor

Hey! I’m Felix, a VCE Methods (48), Physics (45), Chemistry (42), English (45), UCAT (98) & Chinese SL (42) tutor (99.75 ATAR). My goal is to help you excel in VCE.

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About Felix

Welcome to my profile!

~About Me~

I graduated from Melbourne High School with an ATAR of 99.75, and I am currently studying medicine at Monash University.

My subjects include English (45), Methods (48), Physics (45), Chemistry (42), UCAT (98th percentile) and Chinese SL (42).

My clear focus has always been to study smart, not hard. With my help and the special strategies I will teach you, I believe every student is capable of reflecting this success, using the same refined and systematic approaches that I painstakingly developed throughout year 12.


~Why Choose Me~

I am an exceptionally experienced tutor, having facilitated both individual tutoring and group classes for all the above subjects. Many of my students managed to surpass my own scores through employing the strategies and techniques I taught. With experience and knowledge of the VCE curriculum, I know where students commonly struggle, know exactly what it takes to help you get ahead.

As a student myself, I understand that VCE can be a daunting journey, but I am committed to helping you succeed through the tried and tested strategies I have developed throughout the year. As your tutor, I promise to cater my lessons to your interests. I always try to frame the subjects I tutor as both enjoyable and easily accessible, in a way that is both engaging and understandable from the perspective of a fellow student.

Whilst these subjects are known to be both difficult and content heavy, I will guide you in both understanding the content in a thorough and nuanced way, as well as answering any questions you might have. With my teaching geared towards the new study design, I have spent hundreds of hours fleshing out my own ideas and understanding. Not only will I impart these strategies to you, I will also provide specific feedback and points of improvement that I hope you will find far more useful than the haphazard feedback I’ve often received from teachers.


~My Tutoring Approach~

As a recent graduate of the new study designs, I am in the best position to guide you through these new waters. Throughout the year I have compiled my own set of concise note and study guides for English, Physics and Chemistry. Through the structure of my notes, I will bring a level of clarity, structure and personalized guidance that will make the subjects far more approachable.

As part of my approach, I will also provide phone and email support 7 days a week, as I hope to become not just a tutor but a mentor equally committed to your success. Should you have any questions outside of lesson, I would be glad to help you out in any capacity I can. I will also provide students with my extensive collection of exclusive notes and resources provided by most elite selective schools in Victoria.

As it is my belief that tutoring extends beyond the academic component of VCE, I am committed to guiding students throughout their personal journey. I hope to be a compassionate and empathetic tutor, making the journey a deeply profound and rewarding experience.



I live in the Glen Waverley area, and will be available to tutor both in person (preferably Local Areas or Monash University) and online. My arrangements are flexible, and I will try my best to accommodate what best suits you. Currently I am available 7 days a week.

My rate is $45 an hour for single lessons, and $80 for two-hour lessons. I look forward to getting in contact with you!

Interested in hiring Felix to be your tutor?

Felix L – VCE Methods, Physics, Chemistry, Chinese SL & English Tutor