Esther W – VCE French & VCE Japanese Tutor

“I aim to make my students see the wonders of learning a language”

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About Esther

Hello! Thank you very much for taking your time in reading my profile. My name is Esther and I completed my high school studies in 2015 at Northside Christian College in Brisbane, with an OP score of 2 (equivalent to ATAR 97.20). I have a passion in foreign languages and cultures, and have scored VHA 10 for Japanese and VHA 5 for French (score ranking consists of VHA 10, highest, VHA 9 to 1, HA 10 to 1 and SA10 to 1, SA 1 being the lowest). I am currently studying as a first year undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne, hoping to major in Animal Science and Management. I have completed Japanese 7 as a breadth subject last semester and I maintain my Japanese skills by communicating with Japanese friends via Skype.

My Teaching Approach:

I am outgoing, enthusiastic and I teach with confidence. I aim to make my students see the wonders of learning a language, and how the sheer enjoyment of and interest in the subject can bring out the best of their abilities. By encouraging the students to venture out and apply their learning skills into their daily lives, I allow them to see their real potentials. I also draw out thoughts and ideas from the students through discussions and problem solving, further solidifying their knowledge and concepts.

In regards to Japanese, I have been exposed to the language since the age of 5. Growing up watching Japanese shows such as anime, reading Japanese-based materials like manga and being exposed to their language, I have a deep understanding of Japanese language and their beautiful culture; thus developing a love for its country and language. Having been to Japan twice, I gained long-lasting native speaking friends whom I communicate to, and learn from, on a daily basis.

As for French students, I aim to help students feel more comfortable in their learning by providing useful tips and hacks, which I have used during my studies in high school, that build upon basic concepts, allowing their studies to be more efficient and easy. This can take away any stress or doubts, leading to students being confident in their skills and therefore growing a passionate love for the language.

My Teaching Services:

I live in Carlton area and own a car so I am more than happy to travel to you. Location of tutoring can be either at your place or a library close to you. I can be contacted via mobile phone and email 7 days a week, between 8am and 11pm; however, please enquire for my availabilities for tutoring.

My lessons are only $40 per hour, with a surcharge of $10 for every 30 minutes of travel time. In addition, the first 30 minutes of your first session will be free of charge! I will provide notes, stationaries, relevant texts and a big smile!

Thank you very much for reading my profile. I look forward to hear from you and help you kickstart your journey to success!

Interested in hiring Esther to be your tutor?

Esther W – VCE French & VCE Japanese Tutor