Enyi G – HSC Physics, Chemistry and HSC Biology Tutor

“Train to be a savvy scientific mind with a tutor trained to be a professional scientist!”

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About Enyi

G’day my future students and their respected parents/guardians, I am much humbled by your decision to learn more about my tutoring service. Something must have clicked when you see me so please read on for more details!

I am a research Physicist with a master’s degree from the University of Sydney. I graduated from Epping Boys High School in 2010 scoring an ATAR of 95.35 with Maths (up to Ext 2), Physics, Chemistry and Biology selected for the calculation of the score. That was a combination of band 5 and band 6. In my honest opinion, talent wasn’t the magical factor that gave me the score. Perseverance and the right guidance helped me to make it. While perseverance comes from within the students, I aim to provide the other key factor for success. Here is how I achieve it.

Regardless of the capability and knowledge background of the students, I am passionate about what I teach. This may sound overzealous to you, but I need to put this upfront. I love science. I think any person with a reasonable level of intelligence may read up a bunch of scientific articles and be able to teach you something while looking like a professional that can charge you a kidney or two. However, it isn’t hard to spot the disparity between such a person and a science fanatic like me. They lack love and passion can be sensed during their teaching, in simple words they just look like they are doing the dishes. Now, I believe my passionate delivery of knowledge will be influential to my students and make them love science. Perhaps you are unsure about becoming a professional scientist? No worries, but that scientific interest will be planted. There is not a single high achiever in their trade who says they do not love what they are doing. The key to success is constant innovation and that comes from love and passion.

You have got the interest and you just need help? Well you are still in the right place! I really appreciate students’ pre-existing passion for science, I say we are at least starting on a high note. Let me tell you the truth about learning science here, we are not born with a science module built-in our brain. In fact, many concepts in science are counterintuitive and can take a sizable amount of time to master. The typical “shut up and calculate” style from your high school science teachers does not help that one bit. These concepts need to be introduced with good analogies that the students can relate to and then analyzed logically with the students. It is hard to implement such a method of teaching in the school classrooms because it is difficult to tailor help to many unique students all at once. One on one tutoring exactly excels in this regard.

I will briefly outline what I can assist you with here. I am capable of tutoring Yr11 and HSC level Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I have years of tutoring experience at university level Physics. My students will always be treated with the utmost respect and all the patience they ask for. I am fluent in both English and Mandarin so you may have the edge of extra language support.

Should the students need any support outside of class, email or phone call is welcome. I wish to support you not only in tutoring sessions but whenever possible. You will also have access to my notes which are organized by me from various resources to aid your study.

My activity area is mainly Northern Sydney, but I can cover the entire Sydney area if needed, the location should be negotiated prior. Given the current pandemic, online class is highly advisable. I would prefer organizing online classes (via teams etc.) Your time can be accommodated much more easily with online sessions. I run classes daily. Please contact me for more details.

Every man has his price, the rate is $60/hour and class goes from 1-hour minimum. The first half-hour is free of charge just for you to try my service! Do not hold back any longer and let us get sciencing!

Interested in hiring Enyi to be your tutor?

Enyi G – HSC Physics, Chemistry and HSC Biology Tutor