Ella S – VCE French, VCE Chinese and VCE Chemistry Tutor

“Maximise your productivity and learn vital exam techniques that will help you to succeed!”

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About Ella

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Ella and I graduated from high school in 2016, receiving an ATAR of 98.05. By combining my past tutoring experience and the skills that I learnt throughout my final year at school, I am able to provide any student with the help that they need to reach their potential and achieve the best results possible.

About me and my qualifications

I completed my final year of school in NSW however I have a comprehensive knowledge of the VCE syllabus and system. I achieved the equivalent VCE marks in the following subjects: Chemistry (43), Chinese (47) and French (47) and am able to tutor in all of them.

Not only did I excel in each of my subjects, I also have a strong interest in them and am continuing each subject at a university level within my Bachelor of Science. As a result, I am able to help students gain a deep interest in their subject which will motivate them to apply themselves. Furthermore, I believe that the key to succeeding in high school is to “work smarter, not harder”. Therefore, I believe that effective study technique, exam technique and learning how to structure exam responses are equally as important as having an in-depth knowledge of the course content and will help increase productivity.

Throughout high school, I tutored scholarship students at a private school in Sydney and learnt many different approaches to use when tutoring students with differing academic abilities. Therefore, I am suitable to help any student, whether they are struggling with basic concepts or requiring extension work outside of class.

Location, availability and costs

I live in Parkville just out of the CBD and am available all afternoons Monday to Thursday and on weekends if necessary. I am also available for help over the phone or by email at any time.

I have a valid NSW Driver’s Licence and am more than happy to come to students however I charge a fee of $10 for travel that takes longer than 20 minutes.

I also have a valid Victorian Working with Children Check.

I can tutor one on one for $50 an hour or I can conduct group lessons for $35 per student.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Interested in hiring Ella to be your tutor?

Ella S – VCE French, VCE Chinese and VCE Chemistry Tutor