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Elena M

Elena M

Hi! I'm Elena, a Years 7 - 10, VCE English, VCE Revolutions, VCE Maths Methods, VCE French, VCE Latin and Texts & Traditions Tutor (99.8 ATAR) Tutor. My goal is to be an engaging and enthusiastic teacher, who seeks to build upon my students' skills and help them excel across the board.

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VCE and High School can be challenging with work, but I’m here to help you find it fun and maximise your potential!

English (50) History: Revolutions (47) Texts and Traditions (48)

Mathematical Methods (sc. 45) French (sc.49) Latin (sc.45)

Having received an ATAR of 99.8, I am dedicated to encouraging students to achieve their best potential in VCE through commitment and team work, working with them each step of the way. I am passionate about English, having attained a Perfect Study Score of 50 and hope to encourage all students to enjoy English, which can otherwise be found onerous. Similarly with History: Revolutions (Study Score of 47) and Texts and Traditions (Study Score of 48) my goals is to be an engaging and enthusiastic teacher, who seeks to build upon my students’ skills and help them excel across the board.

For Methods I will provide questions grouped to target specific areas of maths, revision material and a plethora of practice exams. I will also provide means to memorising formulas and understanding theory in order to be able to focus on application questions, which many students find incredibly challenging.

For French and Latin I will be providing aid in all areas, including translation, comprehension and multiple practice exams. Specifically for French this includes General Conversation and ‘In depth Study’ (Étude Approfondie) help for oral preparation. I am currently studying French at third year university level and my passion for the language equips me to help all non-native speakers!

I will work with students to broaden their knowledge, hone their essay writing skills and be enthusiastic about the subjects. Knowing that resources are invaluable I will provide students with: comprehensive notes and unique analysis, a personalised revision programme, practice and exam material, as well as email support throughout the week.

I am happy to organise group sessions for all subjects, as well as intensives focusing particularly on Language Analysis (Section C of the English exam) which is a vital skill in VCE.

My personal commitment is to make every penny my students pay count and equip them with the skills and confidence to ace VCE!


I will be tutoring at the Balwyn, Kew, Box Hill, Camberwell and State Libraries, however am also open to other locations depending on students’ needs. I am available full time until February 15th. Following that I am available: Monday 5:00 onwards, Tuesday 3:00 onwards, Wednesday 8:00-12:00 and 3:00 onwards, as well as Saturday 8:00-3:00.

In-person and online sessions will be charged $55 an hour.


"Enthusiastic polite and knowledgeable young lady. My daughter is already more confident in her English classes at school. Thanks Elena." - Irene, Parent