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Dmitri D

Dmitri D

I'd love to help you achieve success in VCE English Language! With over 5+ years experience in tutoring, I am well versed in the curriculum and can help you get ahead.

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Hi there! My name is Dmitri and I’m a current VCE English Language tutor and have been for the past two years on a full time basis. In 2015, I tutored 25 students on a weekly basis and loved every minute of it!

I attained a study score of 45 (43 Raw) for VCE English Language in 2012 (Dux at Scotch College) and I want to pass on this knowledge to other Year 11 and Year 12 VCE students (Units 1⁄2 and Units 3⁄4). Making sure my students fully comprehend all aspects of the curriculum is my top priority and this is achieved by teaching my students in a fun, but studious manner.

In addition, I have an absolute passion for English and other languages, and so I believe this passion comes across when I tutor my students. I am often known to be very energetic when I tutor my students, and so I believe this energetic passion fuels students’ desire to succeed.

Many of my past students have commented to me that the textbook is dry, boring and disengaging. My aim is to totally change that! My goal is to help the student find his/her passion in the subject.

In fact, one of my students from 2014 achieved a study score of 47 for VCE English Language. Another achieved a study score of 42.

I am familiar with the current and newly-updated curriculum (2016-2020) for Units 1/2 and Units 3/4 English Language and I am skilled in many areas, including:

– SAC Preparation

– Metalanguage

– Essays

– Familiarisation of the texts

– Analytical Commentaries

– Short Answers

– And all other vital components of the curriculum


Every term holidays I run an interactive workshop in the Melbourne CBD, where I see up to 50 students attend. These workshops are a ton of fun, and not only do all students acquire useful knowledge, but they do so in an engaging and inviting atmosphere. If you’re one of my private students, I will personally invite you to one of these workshops every term.

In addition, I have also created an online course for VCE English Language 3/4, which takes into account all of my experience and resources that I have consolidated over a few years. I will provide this to you FREE of charge if you become a student of mine. This online course can be found here:


I live in the Hawthorn East area, so you’re welcome to come to me, or I can come to you – whichever suits you. I can only travel 10 minutes away from my place in Hawthorn East due to my busy schedule. I am available 6 days per week (Monday through Saturday). I will do my utmost best to accommodate you into my schedule.

Part of my offering includes phone support and email support 7 days per week, so should you have any questions throughout the week, I can offer you help as needed. I will also include my notes, and any relevant quotes that you may need. Last but not least, I will also give you FREE access to my online course which I have created for my students outside of class which complements their in-class sessions as well as tuition.

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check, and valid Victorian Driver’s Licence.

**********PRIVATE TUTORING**********

Because of my experience and vast amount of resources that I provide during our lessons, I am only charging $50 per hour for private tutoring, with the first half hour of your initial session free of charge!

**********GROUP SESSIONS**********

In addition to private one-on-one tutoring, I also hold and conduct group tutoring. Group sessions are a great way to collaborate and come up with new ideas or discuss new topics. Often groups of 2 – 4 work best. If you’d like group tutoring then I am only charging $35 per hour per student.


"I came to Australia when I was in Year 10 and had absolutely no idea about the level of English here. It was actually a lot harder than I thought. I only started looking for help half way through year 11 and discovered English Language. Dmitri’s tutoring program provided a full dimensional knowledge. And by this I mean it made me start to enjoy this subject and most of all apply the content I learnt in everyday life. It turned out that I worked harder than I normally would and managed to get a very good result!! Thanks Dimi!!!" - Nick, Past Student

"Dmitri is a tutor of high calibre. His lessons are engaging and personal whilst maintaining a professional stance. Dmitri strived to inspire and excite me about the subject which was key to my success in English Language. I would highly recommend his services." - Scott, Past Student

"I have found Dmitri’s tutoring for English Language to be extremely helpful so far. He is really dedicated and enthusiastic, and is always there to help or clarify anything that isn’t understood. His online course and extra work provided during tutoring sessions are great supplements to work that I complete at school. Unlike other tutors I have had in the past, Dmitri encourages us to look further into new concepts and explains them very clearly!" - Reema, Past Student

"Dmitri has a wonderful tutoring service – it is quick, efficient and reliable. He is very knowledgable and enjoys teaching English Language. He makes tutoring sessions fun and easy to understand. If you’re looking for an English Language tutor, I highly recommend Dmitri!" - Alina, Past Student

"Dmitri has been a fantastic tutor – he is extremely experienced with the course and has made me extremely confident to be able to do very well in the subject.I highly recommend him if you want to perform at your best." - Dom, Past Student