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Divya N

Divya N

Hi! I'm Divya, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 English, Maths, Science and Physics Tutor, and I'm here to help students enhance their knowledge and achieve their academic goals.

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I like to employ new methods of teaching skills as per the student requirements and help the student understand the concept better. Also i like to have a basic structured teaching like when it comes to achieving a goal set for a student over a period of time, i set a basic flowchart:

1. Teach Concept

2. Give real life example

3. Provide exciting homework which not only includes subject knowledge but mind games.

4. Revise and take revision over a period of two weeks.

5. Final paper test.

6. Evaluation and understanding where the students need to pay more attention.

I consider tutoring/teaching job to be a noble profession as imparting knowledge is a very precious thing to do. Also tutoring is like an art, every student has a different way of grasping knowledge some are too quick, some need real life examples. Hence i like to explore and enhance teaching style according to the student and don’t like to stick to a specific teaching style.

A tutor should be able to read the students mind if he fails to do so he has failed in his job. Understanding what the student needs and give the student what the student lacks and preserve and enhance what the student already has, this is what tutoring is all about.


I am located at Hawthorn .

I am available during the weekdays and weekends. Just confirm availability of slots with me.

Every lesson is charged 30$ per hour.

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